Why Do So Many People Get A New Identity?

There is a philosophical relationship between identity and change. Many people change their identities because they know it’s the simple and effective way to get rid of old personal and financial issues.

new-identityThese people create a complete new identity for themselves so that they can enjoy second chance with new opportunities. Economic recession is one of the main reasons that force people to move on the track of changing identity.

Identity Change is often termed as identity theft, it’s a kind of crime where a criminal gets  hold of all important information regarding credit card numbers, driving license number, social security number in order to assume someone else’s identity. Getting a completely new identity is not a small issue but changing identity or copying someone’s information may lead to many frauds, scams, terrorist attacks, etc. Relatives, close friends, servant, delivery boys are often the culprit and you should be alert while using your computer in public or while accessing the internet.

Who needs a new identity?

Most of the people associated with criminal or terrorist groups often fell change their identity. These criminals steal the identity of others and sometimes change their own in order to spread terror.

Bankrupts or loan defaulters also change their identity because this way they can hide their self from a bank or police. Many banks and financial institutions are now creating departments particularly for combating this type of crime.

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Business competitors or enemy may hare identity theft to harm you either personally or professionally. As business competitors have same business, therefore they can make use of your business secrets.

How to save yourself from identity theft

The given points protect your personal information and help you to prevent this crime from happening to you or someone else near you.

  • Never share your social security number (SSN) with anyone, place your credit or debit card in safe place and be alert while using their number on the internet.
  • Be careful while using the ATM, shield your hands when entering the PIN and avoid using the machine if you feel insecure.
  • Avoid using your computer in public and never make use of WiFi network that is unknown to you.
  • Do not store you personal information on dairy or on your personal computers.
  • Do not keep you financial information and identifications at same place.
  • Never respond to emails or snails that request private information about SSN, passwords, credit card number etc.
  • Avoid sharing your personal photographs or signatures with the strangers.
  • Secure your mail box by putting lock and key, this prevents thieves from stealing documents like per-approved credit card offers.
  • Avoid giving your mother name, maiden name or pet name as these may be the answer of your security question.
  • Always inform concerned department or police if you become victim of identity theft.

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