Top Five Reasons People Choose To Live Under The Radar And Change Their Identity


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Taking on a new identity does not always have to be illegal. Identity change due to marriage or adoption is considered 100% legal.

However, when such a change is inspired by the motive to hide from law enforcement agencies it is no longer legal.

Here are the top 5 reasons as to why people change their identity.

• Witness Protection Program

Cases of witness getting threatened or abused have become rampant in recent years.

This has led to a situation where people are scared of becoming witnesses in criminal legal proceedings. To ensure the safety and security of such witnesses, various state authorities have come up with the witness protection program.

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Under this program, any witness who testifies for the prosecution can become a part of the program. This program ensures that not only the witness is given special protection but their family as well. As a result, each one is allotted a new identity. A person can leave the program whenever they so wish but for safety reasons, the authorities do not recommend doing so.

• Abusive Relationships

We have often heard cases of physical or mental abuse around us. It is no longer uncommon to find relationships in which the other person is extremely abusive. The relationship may not necessarily be that of a husband-wife or boyfriend-girlfriend affair Today, cases related to child abuse are also very common. The abusive nature of the other person can reach a level where escape is the only option left. The victim will try to find a way to totally hide their identity for fear of further victimization. This is why they need a new identity to stay anonymous.

• Escaping Gang Life

It is always easy to choose the wrong path in life but coming back often becomes difficult. If one falls into the trap of gang life, it is very difficult to go back to their good ways the normal way. In such cases, escape is the only way out. However, such an escape is not only from the gang that won’t allow the escapees to leave but also from the law. In order to eliminate both threats, a change of identity becomes paramount.

• Illegal Immigrant

If you are residing in a foreign land, you may need your visa to be renewed from time to time. But due to some obstacles, some people forget to renew their visa or just choose to overstay out of convenience. In such cases, some people choose to change your identity. They may adopt a new identity in order to continue living as an expat or refugee.

Also, in criminal cases where a person is not able to leave their country, they may choose to adopt a new identity, which is highly illegal.

• Escaping Debt

Debts are yet another reason why some people choose to change their identities. People fall into the debt trap as a result of taking out more loans than they can afford to pay back from financial institutions or payday lenders.

Taking out a loan for a new car or house is justified. However, taking out a loan for a new TV or some exotic vocation is not. That’s why so many of us end up having problems paying back their debt due to overspending. In order to hide stay below the radar and look for ways to escape the debt trap, they may choose to start over with a new identity.

Many consider living below the radar as a safe escape route from many situations. However, it must not be forgotten that a new identity cannot be a secure or permanent option.



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