Top 5 Reasons To Live Under The Radar


People choose to live under the radar for many reason. Changing your identity is now legal unless you are doing it for deceptive or fraudulent purposes.


If your change of identity will result in financial losses of a third party, that is termed as illegal. If you are running away from the past or for any other reason, changing your identity is quite easy.

The following are the TOP FIVE reasons why people change their identity:

Witness Protection Program


Witness protection program is used in cases involving various gangs, international terrorism, crimes against humanity, and drug cartels. For instance, a number of former drug kingpins have joined these programs after putting allies and rivals in prison. In such cases, witnesses are handling confidential information.

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The suspects, a witness is testing against will want to the witness death. If you are or want to be a witness in such high profile cases, you will have to change your identity. You will be provided with some benefits such as relocating you to another country and providing you with upkeep money.

Escaping an abusive relationship


You may be a victim of spousal abuse you have opportunity to change your identity. You will get a new name, social security number, and other things. Your friends will not find you easily; you become a ghost in the world. It is a good idea to adopt a generic name. Make your name common, like “James smith” or “Ann Johnson”
Escaping gang life


The process of escaping gang life is quite difficult. It involves tedious and lengthy preparation. In addition, your fellow gang members want you intact. If you are out, they are not comfortable. However, if your life is at stake, it is time you change your identity and leave your gang for life. No matter, where you hide or run to, life will catch up with you if you do not change your identity. When changing your identity, you need to do so with optimal secrecy and utmost care. Involve very few people to reduce your chances of being exposed.
Escaping debt


People change names for this reason. However, it is not legally accepted as it causes financial loss to other parties. Getting into debt is a deadly trap. When your debt accumulates to critical mass, life will get out of control. When banks, private creditors, credit card companies have destroyed your financial situation, you may consider changing your identity. Escaping creditors by changing may appear like a straight out movie from Hollywood, it does work.
Hiding from law enforcement agencies


This is equally illegal. You may be faced with crimes such as drug peddling and many other atrocities. The verdict of your case may be a long-term jail or murder. In such a case, it is better to change your identity and move.

Changing identity means complete disappearance from people who know you. Technology has made it hard for people to vanish. To disappear, you need to erase any tracks and have a new identity for yourself.



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  1. Mr GT says

    I am going to be honest simply because if I am not you probably wouldn’t know if the Change ID Bible would help me or not. I have a warrant for my arrest, it was issued and delivered to my mothers house in 2013.

    I do not think they have been back as of yet but sooner or later they will catch up with me they always do. My mum had warrants from 18 years ago and they stopped her and my sister and arrested her.

    She has 7 warrants that she didn’t even know she had. Her ex room mate had stolen checks from her back then and wrote 5 checks on her from the back of her check book or she would have noticed them had this lady not been so smart. Anyways they threw out 5 of the ones her friend wrote but she did write 2 of them and plead guilty they gave her 4 yrs probation 2 supervised and 2 unsupervised. Now back to my troubles the papers the Sheriffs Dept delivered to my mum states that I will be arrested and held on a 10,000 cash only bond. There is no way anyone in my family could possibly get me out.

    And like any normal human being I do not want to go to jail. So if I get this book and follow guides on how to start over and change my id can they find out I have this warrant or can I do this without any questions asked?I have thought about getting a fake death certificate but just don’t really know what will and wont work.

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