Tips On How To Survive Mass Surveillance


As governments around the world expand their surveillance operations and monitor us every step of the way, it is more important than ever to learn how to stay below the radar.

China has the title of the leading country globally in monitoring their citizens. Last year a BBC reporter was given rare access to the surveillance system used by the Chinese authorities. The challenge was to test how long it would take for the authorities using CCTV to find the BBC journalist roaming the streets of Shanghai.

By using their powerful face recognition software combined with an extensive CCTV network it took the authorities less than seven minutes to find and capture him.

Being able to track and find criminals sounds great. However, the real issue is that this technology can be used not only to Monitor criminals but also to get rid of the political opposition or people who think critical of the system. By taking away our freedom and right of privacy we are taking away our biggest achievements of mankind – the freedom of speech.

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In some parts of China, the government is testing a Social Credit System. Basically, it’s Credit Score System that also includes things like how well you behave e.g. if you talk critically about the government on social media, in public or private.

If your social credit score it gets too low it will get virtually impossible to buy at public transport tickets, leave China or even walk in certain areas, which are monitored by CCTV.

In the West, we still respect in most cases our basic rights of privacy and freedom, but it is undeniable that over the last couple of years even in the US or UK governments are expanding their surveillance operation at an unprecedented level.

Here are some basic tips on how to keep your identity safe while traveling:

• Always book your hotel under a company name
• Cash is king, never use your Credit Card
• Always use a VPN e.g. HideMyButt when connecting to the Internet so your real relocation never is revealed.
• Lay false trails by the making fake reservations with Hotel booking sites like and who don’t charge your credit card during the booking process.

The most shocking thing about today’s society is that most people don’t seem to care about their right to privacy and the right to protect their identity.

Most people don’t understand that we are giving away our basic rights of freedom in the name of protecting our society against terrorism.

Living below the radar, changing your identity or using several identities at the same time can protect us but we can see how far we have drifted into mass surveillance society if those kinds of measures are necessary to protect us from getting spied on.

The real issue is that never really know where the data ends up that is collected by mass surveillance and we have no idea who will be in power and five for ten years.

What is your opinion on ‘how our society transforming itself into a surveillance state’, leave your comment below and share your opinions with us.


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