Tips on How to Disappear And Live Under The Radar


Nowadays its almost impossible to live without being monitored by the state or other government organs such as law enforcement agents.


Are you tired of bank following you up to clear your debs or are you out on a bail and wish to disappear and start all over again? Here is a guide of some things that you must do to keep these nagging agencies off your back.

However, before going to the list its important that you plan your escape properly and in details for about three months, change your appearance significantly and close your personal accounts which include banks, email addresses, social media accounts, clean your computers hard disk of all personal information and finally carry some money with you.Top ways to fly and live under the radar after changing your identity.

1. Leave no trails

As said earlier ensure that you carry liquid cash with you as paying for goods or services using credit cards as credit card usage information will lead detective right to where you are. Never use your real name and when documents are used make sure you use a decent shredder that that turns paper into dust.

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2. Get yourself an anonymous phone

Most countries will allow you to buy a prepaid mobile phone that does not need to be registered to a personal name or address. Avoid contacting people who are close to you as detectives will have their phones monitored and any call to them will lead the detectives right to you. Discard the sim card once in every month if possible.

3. Get an anonymous credit card

Its easy to get an anonymous credit card online. After making the upfront payment the credit card number and cards expiry date will be emailed to you and you can use this card to shop online. You can also give any name or address as you desire wen making payments.

4. Become a perpetual tourist

This is one of the most convenient way to lead a sovereign life as you will keep your finances in tax havens and spend your time in many countries or destinations without becoming an official residents. Moreover, residents are treated better than residents hence giving you a an opportunity to live your desired life.

5. Use mail drop boxes

A drop box allows you to receive mails from anywhere without disclosing your physical address. This also protects you from people especially online service providers who may want to know your wealth information based on your location or other public information.


6. Live simply

Yes, I repeat live simply because living lavishly will only expose you to external agents that will want to know the source of your wealth. A flashy lifestyle will only invite tax agents who may want to know the source your income and if you cannot prove this then you may be end up being convicted of tax frauds.

7. Enhance your online security

Ensure that your internet connections are always secured and avoid mentioning things that you may not want to find on the headline of newspapers on the internet. Use Emails that cannot be trace back to you if you want to live under the radar.




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