Things to Do For Getting A New Identity To Escape From Your Debts


If you are overburdened with huge debts you are really in an unfortunate situation. It may be either your own making or due to an error committed by your credit rating agencies and these lead to you being placed under bad credit.


This puts you at the centre of a vicious circle that prevents all your roads to recovery and you will be put to unbearable pain and suffering in your day to day life. Probably due to the inability to continue in your present situation you may want to get off from your current location and move to a far off place away from the reach of your creditors and lead a peaceful life there under a new identity.

But, as the whole world has shrunken into a global village, interconnected with deep data management facilities it is really difficult to go away from your present location and altogether hide your older identity.

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Still it is not completely impossible to do this but can be done with careful planning and diligently executed acts. You have to be prepared to deal with many of the government agencies while you take steps to lose your present identity and getting into your new identity at your new location.


First thing you have to do is to change your name and this can be done legally. Every government has a separate laws and regulations to do this. Most of the times it starts with the filing of application for changing name with your local government stating the reasons for the change of name. This request will be accepted only after complying with established procedures set down for the same. In the US you have to file the petition with your local county office and objections will be called for this. In case of objections they will be decided on merits by the Court, and in case there is no objection, the change of name will be ordered immediately.

On obtaining the certificate to this effect you will be able to change your name in your Insurance, bank documents, driving license, social security etc., Once you are past this stage, you have to take steps to change your social security number, and for this you have to file an application to the Social Security administration office. This will be allowed if you are a victim of domestic violence or a victim of identity theft. The onus of proving these is on you and you have to convince them urging them to grant you a new social security number to you. When you get a new social security number you have passed a major part of your hurdles in getting into your new identity.


When you have begun your new life under your new identity you may have to face lot challenges like finding a good job, living a life with no credit standing etc. You will be caught up in a bureaucratic mess and you have to very careful in your dealings with government offices.

To be successful in gaining a new identity start your life afresh you have to do all these things in complete secrecy.



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