The Most Common Reasons Why People Change Their Identity


There might be tons of reasons why an individual would want to change their identity.


Other than the apparent reasons of adoption and marriage, which usually include a legalized identity alteration (name change), people might change their identity to  disassociate from a bad atmosphere, something infamous or negative, escaping debt, or might basically desire to be recognized as somebody else. Nevertheless, the procedure of changing identity is often unlawful and likewise differs on where you live (country or state). Below are a few common reasons why people change their identity

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Witness protection program

The Witness Protection Program is a support service supplied by the state authority that protects witnesses in real criminal cases from intimidation and physical harm. Under this program, someone (witness) will be given a new identity and physical security as well as a spot to live. This program is applicable to witnesses as well as their relatives. This is the most common reasons of identity change.

Escaping Awful and Abusive Relationship

In abusive relationships, people often ostracize their boyfriend/girlfriend, or partner. Being impertinent is a different thing, but people who get abused either physically or mentally, by their partner often look for ways to not be tracked or traced. The best way to be reverent and tolerant, is to change the identity. Thus, this is also a common reason people change their identity.


Escaping Gang Life

The most nettling fact about being associated with a criminal gang is that you can’t escape from the consequences. No matter how hard you try to change yourself, those people come after you or at least try to track you. It is a big threat, and people often choose to change their identity due to this, as this is the only resort to eliminate this threat.

Escaping Debt

The world is in debt; some people can’t escape from it; however, there are a few people who change their identity just to start a new life. Most of us are in debt and often look for ways to reduce it, but the more we try to clear the debts, the more we get under the debt; obviously, due to certain reasons such as life priorities, sybaritic lifestyle, health issues, and more. So this is also a reason people choose to hide their real identity.

Bottom Line

There are legal ways to change identity; however, their reasons are different from the above mentioned ones. Citizenship, adoption, and marriage are some legal reasons to change name, which is directly proportional to changing the identity. A person’s identity cannot be changed legally, but he or she can look for ways to change the name legally.

The legal birth certificate as well as logically wise reason is needed to change the name.



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  1. Bwth says

    Hi, I need to totally change my identity but concerned that it’s a criminal offense. Can you please reassure me?

    1. Joe T says

      There are many guides sold online that include highly illegal identity change techniques. However, the Change ID bible uses rarely known loop holes to change your identity with only 100% legal methods.

  2. JD222 says

    Is it possible to change your ID to hide your past before becoming a celebrity and not have anyone find out who you used to be?

  3. zyxw337 says

    I have some questions about assuming someone’s identity:

    Already I have applied for and received the business EIN, using my mother’s name and SSN, but…

    What is the best situation for obtaining a new birth certificate? Using either my father, mother or sister, and of course I know all the details of birth date, place, mother and father name, etc. I do not have a speaking relationship with any of them, let’s just say that we are estranged, a family that doesn’t stay in touch with each other.

    I understand that with the birth certificate, the next step is to obtain either a student ID card or a state ID card. But, with these documents, will I be able to request a replacement SSN card?

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