The Guy Who Escaped His Identity


Today I am meeting Dave for an interview. He his 33 years old and escaped a life full of drugs and crime. He went to jail so may times he can not even remember. He tried pretty much any drug out there that can be bought illegally. In his mid twenties he decided to change his identity and start over. I met him in the first week of 2014 on the Philippine island of Cebu.


Roberts: Hi Dave, nice to meet you. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me. How the hell did you end up here in the Philippines?

Dave: Well, as you mentioned before, I was involved in some nasty staff. It got to the point, where I realized I needed to escape. The issue was my old identity made it impossible to escape all the violence and drug trade. When I applied for work, I got always turned down because of my criminal record. I just was in a very difficult situation, the only way I was able to make money was selling drugs.

At one point I figured out that changing my identity could be my solution. Even with a new identity I just wanted to escape my life completely. My plan was just to start over in a new country with a new identity.

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Roberts: What made you choose from all those places in the world to live in the Philippines?

Dave: I love it here, I moved to the Philippines 6 years ago. I would never ever move back to the states. You want to know what I like here. Well, its the climate, warm all year. Truly amazing white sand beaches, great food and very affordable living expenses. I think changing my identity and moving here was the best thing I did in my entire life. I truly changed my identity inside and out. I stopped being involved in any illegal things, I don’t take drugs anymore. Just beer LOL.

Roberts: Since you changed you identity, have you ever been back in the US?

Dave: Not once, I really don’t miss it. I think the American dream is dead. When I was young people still believed that if you work hard you can make it. Now if you poor you will stay poor. It got virtually impossible to escape the circle of poverty.

Roberts: I am really impressed by your story and how you took on a new identity. It’s really hard to find people to talk with about this subject. What do you work here to survive?

Dave: I am running a dive shop catering to western tourists and wealthy Filipinos. I am not making millions of dollars every month, but I make enough to get by well. Sometimes time and freedom can be more important than money.

Roberts: I really appreciate sharing your thoughts with us. I wish you the best for your new identity and new life here in the Philippines.


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