Step By Step Guide On How To Change Your Identity


I have always wondered the hype and the fascination most people have with using someone else’s identity and all my life, I have been trying to figure out the logic and reasons that would drive Mr. Walters to assume the identity of Mr. Steiner.


Perhaps there is much more to changing one’s identity but do people who do it ever pause to think about the possible consequences? To jog your imagination a bit, assuming an identity of a fugitive could easily make you spend a few hours in a police cell, especially if the only leads the authorities are working on the border on the name aspect as opposed to the face aspects of the criminal.

That aside, though! In this article, I shall present you with some of the points you need to take care of if your newly-acquired identity is to work out in your favor. Read on to find out.

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The Sad Facts

In order to succeed in assuming a different identity, the hardest part is standing up to some background checks. I will give you a classic example of what could go wrong. If Mr. Walters had been indicted for criminal charges and it now happens that he is Mr. Steiner, he might have succeeded in changing his identity but not his biometric information.

So, Mr. Steiner arrives at an airport and for some reasons, the security surveillance cameras pick up a suspicious photo. He is brought in for some questioning and upon running his fingerprints, he discovers he hadn’t completely run away from his past. I mean, that’s the sad fact, you may be using a different identity but in most cases, you will never reap any benefits beyond the mere name.

When this happens, it does not only leave you with a rude awakening that your past still hangs on you like a web because depending on how ugly the past was, well the implications could be far-reaching. But wait; let us shun all this negative outlook about changing your identity, there is the fun side of doing it too so how about you join me as I take you through some of the steps you need to follow in order to make the most of your new identity.

Step 1: Basic Information

Even before you think of assuming your new identity, you need to have some basic information about it. You may have to dig deep into the name and find out whether it is associated with some criminal background. Do not get me wrong here, as I do not mean you will be jailed on the mere account of sharing a name with a criminal but it will surely land you in some form of trouble if you are not careful.

Just consider the number of vendors who would shy away from selling their ware to a man named Osama bin Laden, especially if the man showed up in some iconic beard and ordered a bunch of items in the ballistic category.

Step 2: Social Security Card


Once you have the birth certificate, obtaining the Social Security Card is like child’s play. You will simply have to visit the nearest Social Security office bearing the birth certificate and then claim you lost your wallet along with the documents that were contained therein and need to replace your card.

Perhaps a welcome reprieve here would be the realization that the Social Security Number does not even show your true age, which means you could assume the identity of a much older individual.

Step 3: Temp DMV License

Once you have settled on a name, this next step would be the next most important one for you. This one requires some ingenuity if you should succeed in it.

There are many techniques you could employ to have a temporary license sent to you by the DMV but one technique that will work out perfectly fine is claiming that you lost your original copy and are on an out-of-state trip. With almost no proof required over the phone, you will have this crucial document in about 5 working days.

Step 4: Birth Certificate

Now this is the bedrock of your newly-acquired identity as it will be used to obtain almost all the other crucial documents so you might want to tread carefully here. Needless to mention, it is one of the most sensitive documents that you will get with no sweat at all.

Simply put, you will require no ID to get a birth certificate; just claiming you are the person is enough. When it comes to locating the person’s place of birth, you will simply have to reference the largest city in the state where they also had their social security number issued. You could also find their birth place by the first address that’s listed on the report.

Step 5: Bank Account Details

There are a few banks with quite strict policies on issuing bank account details but make no mistake, many banks are in business and they will often go with what brings profit for them.

Before you get an ATM card or any other credit or debit cards, a typical bank will ask for the person’s mother’s maiden name. As a matter of fact, most banks won’t even bother to ask for this. Usually, this would be obtained by extracting it from the bank’s database; the real person [you wouldn’t want to go this road] and more interestingly, you could simply trick some employee into extracting it for you.

Step 6: Real Photo License


This step requires a bit of labor and the chances of succeeding here will be dependent on how you fare in the 4 steps above.

With the person’s birth certificate and SSN, you need to go down to the DMV. You should also carry a letter that will be given to you by their state. This letter usually indicates that you are moving from there, have lost your license and also verifies the authenticity of the information you have given. You might have some butterflies no doubt but remember you have a saving grace – the officials at the DMV are often overworked and underpaid so they will not really delve much into the details.

Step 7: Total Nonstop Fun

Ideally, you have succeeded in changing your identity so there is nothing left but to go and have all the fun in the world, typical of how the person would do it.



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