Paper Tripping

Paper tripping, an old system used to change identity in the old days, has vanished from its popularity ages back and became obsolete but many people are still interested in using it in the present days. Know the danger that hides behind a paper-tripped identity with the help of this article. Paper Tripping Method

Paper tripping is an old identity change system which was widely used by people in the seventies where an individual obtains a new identity for himself by adopting the identity of a dead infant. Those days it worked well enough when the use of computers and data collections where not so effective. But in this modern computer age, where every single detail of a person’s information is being recorded and monitored by various offices, it become extremely impossible to enjoy its benefits.

In this method a person wanders around cemeteries searching for dead infants with his same race, gender and born on the same date as him but never lived enough to get a social security number.
But unfortunately this method can be completely useless just because of a simple reason – no one can be sure how many persons have shared the same identity. There is always a chance that someone else has visited the same grave and taken the same identity who will turn out to be a terrorist or a most wanted criminal. And in the end he or she will end up sharing the same identity with a most wanted criminal which can put you into a lot of trouble.

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There was a man who created a new identity for himself using paper tripping and ran into serious problems during his very first days. He used his new identity to travel and found himself with police because a fugitive murderer shared the new identity he adopted also. He had to spend his time in jail until he could convince the law what happened.

Now a days the new identity taken from a grave can be tracked easily because it will also be linked with other paper trippers with their name and date of birth also. And almost all the vital records offices in the state are busy checking, crosschecking and monitoring all the records, it wont be long enough when the new identity will be shown dead. Police can also catch you with your new identity swiftly using police database which are all listed with name and date of birth.

This approach will also be the favorite for criminals. So this method will mostly be discussed in jails. So there is a better chance that the identity that you adopt will also be shared by some of those criminals.
It’s true that this system worked well in the old days but presently it’s simply a waste or worthless. Any one who tries to do this will only end up wasting time and money. Always avoid this system in all case and purchasing books or any information available in the Internet regarding paper tripping system for identity change.
Always opt for legal ways to make and identity change and have a full set of legal documents if you want to enjoy your new identity.


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    I think debt must be the leading cause unhappiness in our society. Debt is like a drug, first it makes your life amazing, but after some time it starts to destroy you.

  2. Kevin White says

    Sounds creepy. I bet that church are the one that banned this Paper tripping. There are actually good and bad side in using paper tripping.

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    Thank you for your interesting article. I am a quite positive person, having said that, the worst thing I have nobody to talk about my debt issue. If my family would know, they would never talk with me again.

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    Nice blog, I am glad to see that I am not the on the net one facing big debt. Identity change may seriously be a solution.

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