New Personal Identity

Many kids sometimes wish that they were someone else – a fairy tale character, a comic hero or a favorite adult – all in the spirit of “pretend.” When these same kids grow up and become adults, some of them still wish they were someone else for one reason or another.

The reasons for the desire for a new identity may range from wanting to run away from debtors, to escape from an abusive relationship, or to slip away from the arms of the law or from the capos of organized crime. The quest for a new identity may also stem from a desire to start things anew, in a new place, a new job, under a new set of circumstances like being reborn as an adult, like getting out of your own skin and putting on an entirely new identity, just like donning a new outfit.

If you are one of these people, you should be aware that the government does not allow its citizens to just effect an identity change unless you are placed under the Witness Protection Program. However, you may be allowed to voluntarily apply for a new identity by simply changing your name and moving to a new neighborhood. In this case, however, your new name will still be linked to your old one and you will still have the same Social Security Number as before. Your fingerprints remain the same. There is a precise legal process that you will have to follow in this case. Obviously, a person running away from having to pay his debts cannot resort to this method to get a new personal identity as he can still be found by the creditors looking for him. This will only work if the desire for a change is only because you do not feel that your old name does not “suit” you or if your old name sounds funny or awkward or is a tongue twister in the new milieu that you have to live in. Most movie stars change their names for better name recall or for a more a glamorous projection but this is not really an identity change in the sense that they retain who they are but only use a new moniker.

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The story is entirely different when a person seeks a new personal identity because is trying to run away from the law for a crime that he has committed. Or, he may be trying to shake off a current spouse, wanting to marry someone else, thus the need for an identity change. However, just how far do you want to go to “Vanish”? Given today’s modern technology that is available to the government and to the police agencies to track down missing persons, it has become more difficult to hide.

I came across a guide on how to get a new identity, which was very useful for me. The Change ID Bible written by Peter Bergmann. It took me about 4 weeks to read and act on the information, after which I was able to secure employment, rent a house and buy a car without spilling out my real information.

It was some work to live legally and anonymously. However, it paid off in the end. To learn more about how to start over again, just visit ‘’.


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  1. CandyBlack says

    I want to start over with a new identity, but it’s really hard to make it happen.

  2. Sam says

    I was lucky I could escape. My husband abused and tortured me all the time. I am really thinking of creating a charity to help all those poor women who are being abused on a daily bases.

  3. Lisa Smith says

    Thank you for this great info. I have been abused by my husband over 10 years. I tried many times to vanish without success. I really have to escape and start over.

  4. Dan says

    Interesting article, thank you for sharing.

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