Is Still Possible To Change Your Identity?


More and more people choose to live below the radar or change their identity to escape the surveillance society we are slowly moving towards to.


Our privacy is more and more being violated by governments around the world who do not respect our personal privacy and freedom anymore. Even in “free” countries like to the United States, we start to lose privacy at an unprecedented speed. In most cases, the loss of privacy is justified by fighting crime or combating terrorism. However, the real reason for stepping up surveillance is that the government wants to take control of every aspect of our lives.

Governments around the world are pushing towards digital payments and try to get rid of cash payments but only because of tax collection but also because they want to know, how we use our money, what we buy, when we buy it and based on that they can create very detailed profiles of each citizen.

Does living below the radar or changing your identity help to escape those developments?

Living below the radar did get a lot harder over the last decades. We are moving towards a very centralized data collection system where all kind of information is analyzed by very sophisticated algorithms.

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How bad it can get we can see in China already. There have been reports of third party agencies or even some Chinese government officials selling private data of their citizens online. People were able to get hold of data such as which hotels someone stayed in, where they used a credit card, which train or airplane tickets they bought.

There also have been attempts to assign each Chinese citizen at behavioral score based on all kind of data collected from each individual. So if someone, for example, has a very low behavioral scored they could be banned from ever leaving the country or using any public transportation or even not be allowed to buy a car.

The only way how to be safe is to know how to live the load or radar or change your identity.

We have to make sure we are ready before we turn into a full-fledged surveillance society.

We are losing our basic rights in the name of fighting terrorism, the United States or the west ones celebrated as free countries slowly turning into what they always have criticized other countries for example China or North Korea.


Changing your identity doesn’t mean you are hiding something that only means that you want to protect your privacy and live in peace.

It seems like that living below the radar is the only way how we can still protect our privacy. The more people choose to live below the radar the more difficult it will be for governments to collect our data and use it against us.

We have to stop the Novel by George Orwell 1984 to become reality. Did you ever think of changing your identity or to live below the radar, please leave a comment below and share your story with us.


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