Identity Change And Mass Surveillance


Since Edward Snowden leaked detailed documents on how governments around the world are spying on their citizens, many people started to ask themselves is it still possible to change your identity.

Our lives over the last 20 years have changed at an unprecedented speed. We turned from a society where our individual privacy is respected and cherished into a mass surveillance society.Some people choose to change their identity or create ‘multiple identities’ to protect their privacy.

Virtually everything we do now can be tracked:

• Our smartphones are all equipped with GPS senders, which can be accessed by government agencies to track all our movements.
• Most of us have a unique digital footprint online, which again can be used to find more about our lives, where we work or about families.

Everything we talk, every message we sent on our phones, every online purchase we do and all our social contacts are accessible by the system.

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Changing your identity or having multiple identities can be the only solution to protect you from the ruling elite or the system tracking you every step of the way.

The disrespect off privacy laws in western countries it is a scandal by itself, without anybody seem to care. However, if we look to the East we can see where our society might be heading in the future.

China is planning to use mass surveillance not only to monitor their citizens but also to give each individual citizen a behavioral score.

That means if you would post something critical of the government on Facebook, forget to pay for your speeding ticket or you have been fired by your employee for poor performance, your behavioural score could get so low that you would not be allowed to use any public bus or train or other public services.

Even in mass surveillance societies like China and it is still possible to change your identity. It might be harder, but there are always ways to get around the system.

The only way we can take back our personal freedom is by using multiple identities online to make it virtually impossible for the ruling elite or system to track us.

Protecting our privacy at has never been more important than now. Some people say I have nothing to hide so why should I worry if the government tracks everything I do. There have been several reports of Government officials using the data collected through mass surveillance to stalk on their ex-girlfriends/ex-wives, people they wanted to take revenge on etc. once the data has been collected and stored there will always be misuse.

The issues we don’t know who will get in power in the future, if for some reason the wrong people come in power we could end up with a Chinese behavioural score system.

Whatever will happen next being prepared by changing your identity or having multiple identities but the only way to protect your privacy and to stay safe.

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    Bought the bible. Read from front to back cover. It’s an interesting path to a new identity.

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