I changed my identity to run away from credit

A huge debt burden can usually mess up with the rational thinking of an individual. This is exactly what happened to me when I attempted to change my identity to escape the wrath of creditors.


Reeling from a loan repayment that never seemed to get any closer to settlement and a credit card burdens, I felt that the only way out for me to have a chance to continue living would be through a change of identity.

I had to be smart in this venture though. This is because I knew the consequences of such actions being detected. For starters, there are some things that do not change when you decide to go for a name change officially. The insurance number, for example, would not change if I decided to do this officially. Whereas the Pensions Department is supposed to secure this information and not reveal it to anyone, I felt that it would mean I have to look over my shoulder every time in guilt. I wanted to leave the coat of debts behind at any cost; this seemed the only way for me to continue living.

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The electoral office seemed like the other place from where creditors would get my new identity pretty fast. Hence I decided to do the only other rational thing; get rid of all my documents bearing any name and numbers that the creditors would use to find me. This I promptly did before flying to a totally different state. Here I applied for work and got some. However, I had to contend with poor pay for the very reason that I lacked an SSN number. However, with the problem I was running away from, this seemed like a small thing.

I however knew better than to use any of my previous identities whether online or offline. After a few years, I applied for a Certificate of Naturalization using a totally new name that sounded almost exotic and was lucky to get one. Next, I had to get hold of a passport which was also a successful venture. It seemed like my life was getting back to normal. When I got married and had to change my last name, I knew my chances of ever being traced were even slimmer. One thing I did was ensure that the hairstyles I rocked were totally different from the ones I had worn when I was younger and deeply in debt; you never can tell what can happen with photos that bear remarkable similarities.

I opted to avoid the banks when in need of credit for obvious reasons; it was still somehow risky. There are local creditors where I now reside and my husband and I have no trouble getting loans from them. We have even established a small business here and this is the first time in my life I actually feel free.

However, I have to confess that I still feel ill at ease sometimes. There are cruel possibilities that could spoil the freedom for me. However little they may seem, I cannot ignore them and I still look over my shoulders from time to time.


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  1. sam says

    I am going to get this book. I just want a new identity and start a new better life.

  2. Rina says

    If you change your identity to escape debt, how to you build up a new credit history?

  3. whitestone says

    I would say debt is the single biggest problem in my life. I can not stop thinking on how I will have enough money to survive.

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