How To Vanish?

Many people decide to vanish as they don’t see any other solution to their problems. I came across this topic, because a good friend of mine (Lisa) had to decide between changing her identity or leaving a life full of fear.

Why do so many people decide to disappear?
  1. Hide from debt collectors.
  2. Avoid child support.
  3. Hide properties, vehicles, money and investments from loan companies.
  4. Stop stalkers from stalking harassing and abusing you.

She was a stalker victim. He followed her everywhere, Lisa could not escape him. Every time she tried to vanish and changed her phone number or address the stalker always found her within a couple of days. The man issue was that the stalker had good contacts within the police. Lisa tried several times to get into some kind of victim protection program and change her identity. However, it did not work. He was always there, what ever she did. Changing her identity officially did not work, she had to find a different way.

The Police who should have been there to ‘protect and server’ was not able to help assist her. She was forced to help her self and find a way how she can change her identity without the involvement of any government agency.

Lisa had no other choice to protect her self from the stalker than choosing this way.

How to vanish?

I believe in her case, she did the right think. I would not encourage anyoneto vanish. However, if there is no other way to deal with a major problem threatening to have a very negative impact on your life, there is not much else you can do.

To vanish is like you pushing the “reset” button on your life. If you smart you can transfer your assets to your new identity and start a new life. At the same time changing one’s identity also could mean you will loose contact friends or other people who are close with for a short time.

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I spoke with Lisa before her Identity change and after. She still seem to be more or less the same person, but I also can see some change. Lisa seem to be more calm and relaxed now. Her life changed dramatically. She now lives with her new identity and passport in south east Asia. The stalker who turned her life into a nightmare, was not able to find her with her.

One year after she “vanished” I ask her how she felt about her new life. And she admitted the last year living on the beach in the tropical South East Asian country was the best year of her life. Learn more on How To Vanish at this blog.


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  1. obda says

    My husband who serves as soldier always abuses me when he comesback from his overseas missions. He is always surrounded by so much violence when he get’s back he just does not stop. I am so much suffering. The police does not help me. I think changing my identity and start over is my one and only chance to escape this hell.

  2. Heike says

    I am really scared by all those threatening letters I am getting from those debt collection agency. A new identity might be really the solution. LOL

  3. thoi trang nu says

    I tried so many times to get a new identity. I just don’t seem to have the power to make my dream come reality.

  4. weeb says

    Taking on a new identity is risky. If you really want to do it, you have to be very careful. Make sure you not do anything illegal. You will only end up in prison.

  5. Proew says

    I want a new life. I am tired of suffering everyday.

  6. aura says

    Having the knowledge how escape big brother is more important than anything you can buy.

  7. Supperb

    I am bored with my identity I am having at the moment. I just want to travel, experience new countries and really life live how it should be. I hate being that mouse wheel.

  8. Fatima says

    This blog is a great resource for anybody wanting to change their identity. I’m one of them… Let me tell you there are not many real and credible resources except this one. Highly recommended.

  9. Henry says

    This is great information, something what I was looking for a long time. I didn’t even know that any real advice was available. But then found your website. And it’s great!

  10. carolynnwilliam says

    Can someone personally email so I can get more info on how to start my new life, im ready. pleeease im so ready.

  11. arvinabeat says

    I feel sorry for Lisa. I’m not sure if this is a real story or something you just come up with, still the content is very nice, the message is clear. I say, it depends upon the situation I guess.

  12. RoJK562 says

    I want to leave the state and settle somewhere else but I have so much debt. Do you think if I run away they will be able to track me down? I need an identity which can take care of law enforcement as well. I really doubt there’s any fast and short method available. Anyway, I am going to order this Change ID Bible and hope that it’ll help me.

  13. SK45 says

    My wife has been harassing me to pay for alimony after we got divorced, but she was cheating on me with my business partner. My business partner apparently has hired someone to follow me everywhere. I have lost everything. I need help. Thank you so much for this advice.

  14. Hussain says

    This is great, have already ordered the change id bible you mentioned here. But wondering if I could get some advice from a real person. And I’m ready to pay fairly for the services. I need some very specific advice in my situation.

  15. donald99 says

    I think we all deserve a second chance. Everybody sometime does mistakes. It’s like pressing the ‘reset’ button on your life. I think there is nothing unethical about getting a new identity.

  16. Dargis says

    I like your blog. I never was thinking of changing my identity. A new start in my life would be a great notion.

  17. Nettie says

    This post was very interesting. Many people just don’t understand why people would change their ID. I was first scared of doing it, however, now with my new identity I am so happy now.

  18. Lara says

    Living in fear of getting discovered can destroy your whole life. Changing Identity seems to be the only solution in many cases.

  19. Pittari says

    Thank you for your the review. I was looking for a legal solution to obtain a new identity for some time now. All the guides I found online just showed me how to obtain a new identity from somebody who already died. How cruel is that? Well, I will give it a try. I hope it will really work.

  20. Hortencia Zirker says

    You have to be careful, sometimes we have to deal with forces which are beyond our control. And those forces CAN KILL YOU.

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