How To Vanish


Do you need to alter your identity? This is normally a consequence of trying to evade the law, a stalker, a seething ex or organized crime.


This process could be exceptionally protracted and warrant a great deal of time and energy on your part. Be that as it may, a huge number of prominent people have successfully undergone identity transformation, and you can as well. Adhere to the detailed guidelines below, and in a short period of time you’ll be safely living under a new identity.

To start with, don’t be hesitant in making future plans and remember to secretly adopt a few or all of the following techniques:

  • Learn a new dialect
  • Experiment with new accents
  • Master new occupational skills
  • Adopt new hobbies
  • Acquire a taste for new cuisines
  • Change physical attributes (for example; right-handed individuals should become left-handed and the other way around)
  • Develop new fashion tastes or lose old ones

Break all previous ties

The foremost element of any identity change includes breaking all previous ties with your old life. For individuals adept at using the internet, this won’t be any problem at all; though, you should be as thorough as could be expected under the circumstances, as one piece of overlooked detail can ruin your disguise.

To start with, cut all association with society. You don’t as a matter of course need to go into hiding, but some specific minor details are needed.

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Cancel all magazine/daily paper subscriptions. It is advisable to not respond to mails or dispose of your previous email address. Format your PC and also cancel all internet and cable subscriptions too, and after that destroy it. Above all of these procedures, avoid your usual spots, ensure to disconnect your telephone, washing machine, radiator and all other electronic gadgets. Despite the fact that this might appear somewhat exaggerated, in the event that you are really committed to going off grid, you will ensure that you get rid of every single conceivable strategy that can be used to discover anything concerning whereabouts.

Note: living in a mobile vehicle (van, train or car) will leave anyone trying to find with nothing.

At this point, cut all business-related ties. Leave your place of employment, empty your office of any personal effects, wipe the place for fingerprints, and clean your office with bleach. As such any inquiries at your place of work will turn up nothing. in addition, empty and close your bank account, wipe your name from the files and break all ties with the firm to avoid any future money-related ties, and additionally authorize its bank-burst, therefore guaranteeing your safety. Also, in case you haven’t done anything like that some time recently, wiping your data from a bank database will fall under both acquiring new occupational skills and the adopt new leisure activities.

Next on the list is to cancel and void all debit/credit cards, stop using pay-checks as well as banknotes in your previous identity: as they can easily give up your location or blow your cover.

Also if possible route all your mails or letters through a safety deposit box or from a fake location that can’t be traced back to you.

To family and companions, give a name or address that you can be reached on although not directly linked to you, and to your enemies, give names and addresses of far off places.

Note: be sure not to relocate or reside in any of these locations.


Change your name

Numerous individuals under witness protection programs are usually given ordinary sounding names, for example, Brian Williams, John Smith, or James Jones. This is because they are very common names among the populace. For example, take a look at the greatest snitch ever, Sicilian mafia pentito Tomaso Buschetta who went by 180 different identities during his long retirement, being chased by all mafia syndicates around the world. What’s more, ensure you pick an easy enough and popular sounding name that wouldn’t standout or stick to memory. Employ your imagination and a little research to find a good way to name yourself.

Another important point to note when changing your name is not to take a moniker like your present one. For instance, in the event that you are as of now known as “Tommy Spark,” you shouldn’t rename yourself “Spark Tommy”. Then again if your web user-name is NOOB606 it wouldn’t be advisable to name yourself NewbSixohsix as it’s a dead giveaway. Chad Ochocinco (Spanish for 85) notably didn’t achieve obscurity when he chose that as his new name, and his football shirt revealed his identity.


Consider changing your religion. Lew Alcindor, a Basketball player would have achieved anonymity for the rest of his life if he had not converted to Islam and schizophrenia and changed his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. On the off chance that you aren’t dark in complexion, shoe polish or woodstove residue is basic cures. In the event that you are indeed aiming to live an anonymous life, balance your identity with your environment, relocate to Arabia or the Middle East if you aim to convert to Islam.

On the off chance that you are out of ideas or imagination, draw Scrabble tiles from a bag.

Alter your appearance

Another important part of changing your identity is to alter your appearance. wearing trench coats, hats or caps, sun shades and Groucho Marx style plastic nose and artificial mustache are some of the possible ways to change your appearance, however they maybe standout in contrast with the latest fashion. You can consider getting a plastic surgery or gender reassignment.


In addition to having a new identity, you need to relocate to new surroundings. For the most part, relocating to a new continent is a smart choice in case you’re at risk of being followed.

Try not to pick a location you fantasize about, as your next residence, because your close relatives will most likely get it. What’s more, no one is as risky and vulnerable as your loved ones, who won’t falter to reveal your location or identity to anybody in exchange for money or under pressure, once you’ve relocated. Instead, randomly pick your future home, using a world map and pin or a turning globe.

Note: don’t reject any country or try to change it, if the spot you pick is the North Pole or the Middle East.

Rather, research on such a place and be assured that the more terrible it sounds, the better this spot is for anonymity and the odds are better that it will contribute enormously to your identity change.


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