How to Start Over With A New Identity


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There are many reasons good and bad why people choose to start over and live under the radar.

I choose to write about people living under the radar who are just trying to survive and not harm anyone because my belief is to do no harm.

I want to promote only good. There are many women of affluent marriages who are victims of domestic violence.
A man with great wealth can cause great harm to a woman who divorces him because of his connections with other so-called powerful wealthy people.

Also, there are many people both wealthy and poor willing to assist him in hopes of getting some of that money. The love and need for money have caused many of us to become sociopaths.

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A woman divorcing a wealthy man can go through tremendous suffering and even death with no jail time or even consequences for the wealthy husband.

A man of great wealth can even get away with murder. We saw this in the O.J. Simpson trial. A man of great wealth can blacklist his x wife so she can not get help anywhere. Eartha Kitt was a famous person who was blacklisted by president LBJ. Basically, this is organized crime.

You cannot fight this and win because at this time on the planet there is too much evil, especially in the U.S.
If you read Dr. Les Sachs eBook ‘The Corrupt American Justice System’ you will better understand this.
We all need money and some of us have no conscious when it comes to getting more of it. This is why some divorced women of wealthy men must live under the radar to survive and stay alive.

In my case, I seek a new identity to stay alive. I cannot possibly survive if I keep the name, William Robinson. A land developer from Anna Maria Island Florida has destroyed my life. He has committed many crimes against me. Authorities do not protect me from this man they assist him. I left the United States on January 9th, 2015 to seek asylum. I traveled the world, seeking asylum and no country will give me asylum.

In Dominica, I was offered a passport for $107,000.00. Of course after all the financial loss I have incurred in fighting this injustice. I cannot afford to buy a passport from the government of Dominica. I don’t expect other people to understand what they have never experienced but I write this article in hopes of creating awareness in the masses so that it might raise the consciousnesses of the planet and cause us to have more love and compassion for one another.


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