How To Change Your Identity And Disappear


No matter how much we want to live in peace, we sometimes face problems which are just too big to overcome. These difficulties can make your life a living hell. In many cases, conventional approaches don’t work anymore to get your life back on track.

I’m quite surprised by the increasing number of people who want to change their identity. If you just Google the phrase “change my identity” you will be bombarded by thousands of different results. When I tried to check them, it seems that most people have various sensible reasons as to why they want to start afresh. There’s this guy who had some dealings with the police during his teenage years, and now he’s having difficulties in landing a job.

However, I also came across people who just want to enjoy their life as a normal person, e.g. escaping from an abuser or stalker. Getting away from financial responsibilities is also one of the main factors for this great desire to change identity. There are much more substantial reasons other than these. Someone might, perhaps, witness a crime, and a hit man is looking for them. Many people who change their identity also want to hide from the authorities. Whatever your reason might be, I’m pretty sure that there is a definite and legal way to resolve your challenges.

Before we delve more into the legal methods of changing your identity, it must be stressed that if you get yourself into illegal things, you are just putting yourself in danger.

You have probably read various books on how to change your identity, and one of the ways that they may have proudly explained in their book is creating a fake ID or altering documents like your birth certificate to obtain a new driver’s license. They might also have suggested that you think of different numbers for your social security number. Neither of these will work. Perhaps it could have worked in the 19th century, but let’s face it, with everything being so advanced these days, I’m sure it would be virtually impossible to get away with those kinds of tricks. So, attempting to forge your documents to obtain a driver’s license will only get you arrested.

That’s why I can not stress enough how important it is to choose a 100% legal and up to date method such as the ‘Change Identity Bible‘ guide.

The ‘Change Identity Bible‘ book will show you only the most ideal, practical and easy ways to live completely under the radar and change your identity. It also includes the soundest advice from different identity change books available.

The methods presented in this book won’t put you behind bars, and you will be given the chance to enjoy your freedom just like any other person.

I am glad I came across this guide written by Peter Bergmann. Thanks to this information, I was able to secure employment, rent a house and buy a car without having to reveal my real information to anyone.

Again, it takes time, but to live legally and anonymously as long as you want is what we are aiming for anyway?

If you want to learn more on how to get a new identity and start over check out the ‘Change Identity Bible‘ manual. 

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  1. Ads says

    Here is what I think, In this day and age, it is legal to change one’s identify if there are genuine and convincing reasons to back this activity up. To attain a New Identify, first, change the name that was given to you when you were born. Every country or county for that matter has their own procedure for doing this which is legal and acceptable by the state. A point to note is that the process for change of name to acquire a new identity may be long and involve man6y state organs or agencies. You may have to part with some money to actualize the change of name for a new identity. Following a successful change of name, you will now have to amend credit cards, banking details, driver’s license, identity cards or passport and all other administrative documents that hold your previous name.
    Another way to get a new identity is by changing your social security number. To change Social security numbers, one must have a very convincing reason because this number hold all information pertaining to the identity of the person. Reasons for changing the social security number to attain a new identity include identity theft and domestic violence. The governing bodies in most counties recognize the need to either disappear or change to get a new identity in the face of violence from physical domestic abuse or the real threat of identity misuse that arises from identity theft. However, the risk of changing a social security number to get a new identity is that the owner’s credit history may be lost and it is difficult to build enough trust with lending companies to extend a credit line. On the flip side, one will not quite be starting over with this mode of acquiring a new identity. Finally, one has the option of moving far away and starting over in a new settlement and community where no one knows them.

  2. JM says

    Thank you for the review. I agree it’s a great guide on how to live below the radar.

  3. Richard says

    I am very interested to learn more. My situation is that n.y. has permanently revoked my drivers license. Can this process help me overcome this problem?

    1. JM says

      Yes, it worked for me. Just make sure you follow all the steps in the guide.

  4. JOE M says



    1. Kristie T says

      Yes, the Change ID Bible is really a great book, grab it and absorb all the info.
      It helped me to start over with 100% legal methods.

      1. Joe says


  5. Samuel V says

    Before 911 I followed The Paper Tripping books BY the Infamous Barry Reid. They were step by step instructions; NOT to mention a book entitled simply……How to Disappear and many others. Ok, SO my question is….How does this so-called Bible rate in the Real World Life Experience???

    1. Dan Winters says

      In the Real World Life experience, The Change ID bible works really well. The manual uses rarely known loopholes to change your identity with only 100% legal methods.

  6. Candy says

    I’m looking at penetentary time because of a crime committed out of love, my cousin was killing himself on oxy content so… Now I’m looking at 2- 8 years I can not do it what should I do trials coming up in a couple short months be one out there that can help me nebody except officials

  7. Rita says

    I desire to change my name and birth year thus my identity due to past personal problems and to be viewed as younger for professionally reasons due to a traumatic childhood.

    Before I purchase this product I desire to know your opinion if this would work for my case. I don’t have debt or want to vanish off the grid, I just want to know if with this system I could change my name and birth year and with that go back to school and get the employment of my choice with everything working in terms of a new social security card, new I.d. and birth certificate and be a open, legal normal member of society.
    Would this work? if so it would be life changing!!

    1. admin says

      The Change ID Bible will show you different legal ways on how to live
      below the radar.

  8. anonymous says

    I’m currently in the process of doing research. the Change ID Bible has a lot of positive reviews, and I would like to buy it soon.

    But I need to know if you specifically outline how to obtain passports, especially British ones? I’m aware you mention the UK as one of the countries where legal ID change is possible. But I’m mostly interested in a UK passport and to eliminate what my family forced me into. I’m already a longterm legal resident here, but for various reasons the conventional way of getting a passport is next to impossible.

    1. admin says

      The guide will show you different 100% legal rarely known method on how to live below the radar. However, the only way to get a legal British passport
      is to apply one at the appropriate authorities.

  9. asassa says

    I’m currently pursuing the thought of changing my identification. Who I am, where I am and what I am is not of importance; however, what I do find important is spending my money where it’ll be put to good use and not lead me down a path of more trouble, confusion and general unrest in my life.

    As I had stated earlier, I intend on using your book to pursue a new life. I can’t deal with the troubles and misfortunes in my own anymore. This isn’t going to be used for profit and it’s certainly not for the depreciation of someone else’s life; I just need to cut the cord and leave my old self, my past and who I was/unfortunately still am behind, and for good.

  10. teachvg574 says

    I want to get away from my family and live my life on my terms. Too many times, I had to give up my dreams to make their dreams come true. I have had bad things happen to me such as being raped and people tell me the bad things didn’t happen or that it was my fault such as my ex leaving because he was gay. I just want to get away and start over where no one can find me. Can this book help?

  11. RSL says

    I want to get out of a relationship with an ex. Yeah I’m out but he will do anything to find me. I’m tired of him finding me every three months or so. I have lived all over my state, to avoid him, to no avail.

    If someone is crazy and obsessed enough, they will have the craziness to pursue you to the ends of the earth. It’s the insane people, who have the will to hold on forever.

    Once and for all I have to get out of his grasp.

    Also hate those snoop sites online, and taking my name and location off of them. It’s time for me, to stop putting this off.

    1. jamal says

      you dont need to change your identity call the police

  12. Davey Rael says

    I recently lost my license and just got busted for driving under suspension. My job requires me to have a license. I am going through a lot of stress right now not being able to Drive. Can I change Identity to obtain a Current Driver’s license? Please HELP me

    1. Allen Franks says


  13. mario22 says

    I have wanted to change my identity for years now. I have read countless books and as you mentioned, much of what was written was as far from legal and so complicated, only a foolish person would attempt using the info. there are even people claiming now that they can provide new birth certificates and social security cards that they claim are data based, sounds great….but the U.S. is the most hated nation in the world and the most devout religion in the world would obtain the services just to get here and do their terrorist acts thought by that religion…yes there so called extremist….but that religion all read the same book and all believe it, just certain ones carry it out, but have 100% believe and support of what the muslins are doing. as far doing what you say is 100% legal…sir I must question that. I have experienced identity theft with my credit totally ruined. I spoke with government officials, the social security administration, and all others with the power to guide me to safety and new freedom under a new identity. all of which, everyone including the ssa say that absolutely nothing could be done and outright said would be done. I even looked at a legal name change and an alternate number to use in place of my ssn. dear sir….nothing, nothing at all, even with a secondary credit number that is registered and a social security number when being checked out by banks and other financial organizations, the pass as numbers issued by the ssa so new credit files can be created and as I mentioned, will pass as actual issued numbers. for well over 15 years, my credit has been destroyed. I hope you program is honest and proven. I must have a new ssn, one that is data based as well a a legit also data based birth certificate. all offers such as this are totally too good to be true and according to acquaintances in the secretly people in the “know” say no but anywhere on line or in print adds can do it, none. I found your advertisement and was told yours was also totally impossible to use/put to work. i’ll admit using a different alias is legal, but a new ssn does not happen….I’ve tried for many years and was informed with factual info from the powers that be, to give it up. witness protection, is even flawed and so unsuccessful, that it itself is only effective by 1 in approx. 85. I want to believe you, but 99.9999999% offers such as this have been proven worthless. please sir, fill me in, convince me that you offer something true and real. no one at all helps the people to obtain the goals needed, I pray you are different… sir, please reply ASAP and perhaps provide real truth, not fake testimonies from not existent people. someone has to be able to walk decent people through this and not just write a lot of false nonsense.

  14. Alice says

    I just need to change my Name and birth year, will this book work for me?

    That’s all I want to change, I’m not hiding or anything.

    1. Danny says

      I had the same issue, I was looking for a way to change my Name and birth year. The Change ID Bible showed me some rarely known (100% legal) loopholes, I could use to completely change my identity.

  15. Jericho says

    Want to create a new you and leave your old identity behind with authenticated credentials? There’s a way for you to be able to do that and do it legally I having all of your documents scannable and entered into the proper databases to ensure you that your new you is authentic.

  16. Devon L. Sutton says

    Changing my identity was always my dream. I just want to escape the surveillance society we re living now in.

  17. Otto Y. Hoffman says

    Using different identities actually could make your life a lot more safe, and protect against identity theft. As long as it is done legal.

  18. silver says

    Identity theft is affecting a lot more people that we think. Some people actually recommend to change identity every 3 years to be safe.

  19. Hawk says

    I have a friend who’s identity was stolen. It took him more than 1 year to get his identity back. I feel so sorry for what happened to him.

  20. Diego says

    I escaped gang life last year. Without a new identity I would be dead by now. If you know to much, they will always try to track you down.

  21. Harry says

    I had to get a new identity, because my former gang member tried to hunt me down. I was always in danger no matter I where I tried to hide. It was a real nightmare. I moved to a small island in the pacific, I love my new life.

  22. Branzy says

    My dream is to move to some exotic place and leave all my problems behind and start over with a new identity.

  23. Intt says

    I from China came to the US without any papers. Can this Change ID Bible help me?

  24. Hoawyer says

    I owe a lot of money to some guys. Yesterday they came to my house and threatened me again. I just don’t have the money. I just want to escape. I just feel like some people monitor every step I am doing. I am really scared.

  25. Lisa says

    I am suffering from severe depression because I have been abused by husband over and over again. I just can not take that s*&t anymore. I want to leave my old life behind me and start from scratch.

  26. Bingo

    I will try that Change ID Bible method. I am in so much debt. I just really want to start over.

  27. Maria says

    Changing your identity can be tricky and a very long process. You have to be careful about the identity you’re trying to get to avoid problems that may occur in the future. However, just like what you said. If your goal is to live legally and anonymously, then I guess the long wait will be worth it.

  28. hisham says

    I’m from middle east. I’m ex-muslim. in Islamic Sharia Law whoever changes his religion he deserves to be killed. so I want to change my identity. There are people looking for me. Life as a women is not easy in the middle east.

  29. Jaime says

    I owe the wrong people money. The are constantly threatening me. I am scared every-time the doorbell rings. I just don’t know what to do anymore.

  30. Jaime says

    I need help please, I have to vanish. I have a bounty hunter looking for me. Does this Change ID Bible work?

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