How To Live Under The Radar With 100% Legal Methods


My occupation forces me to go out of my way to ensure that I stay invisible.

I remember a time, a couple of years ago when I was downing some tacos with a confidant discussing a potential switch of residence to Portland. It was after I had quit my engineering job to follow a new vocation as a tech activist so money was on the low.

Its typical of me to do things to the fullest so I prepared meticulously to ensure that I stayed hidden. It was my first time attempting such an escape so most of the times I was engaged in deep thought about techniques I had seen other people using when in my situation.

Among the first things I did was ensure that I had open bank accounts in different states. However, I still insist on using cash when possible. The different accounts all pay different bills and I also banned the use of checks. The American banking system is tedious but it offers one the opportunity to remain anonymous when using the bill pay system. It might be a hoax but it worked for me.

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I am also very careful when using the web. Keeping my IP address secret is crucial so you won’t find me clicking on every link I see.

The hardest issue with remaining invisible is living space, For instance, I have no rent agreement for my house and I settle rent arrears in liquid currency. This has been made a little easier since my landlord sympathizes with my situation. Another alternative is having a close confidant lease the house in their name. The situation can vary from place to place depending on the legality of such transactions in your locality.

If possible try to rent where a single management office handles a large number of rentals. In such a place you will not be recognized easily. In addition, make sure that interaction with management is as little as possible or non-existent. This means paying up on time and if possible using the online route of payment.

A close also covers my social utility bills. You can easily be found via a utility company. In addition, I have no “regular places. !will go to any and every grocery store or gas station.

I am also very careful as to how I share my location. I never do it online. Only my very close friends know where I reside and they received the address physically. I am also very cautious with law enforcement. I concede that there are good policemen out there but there are cons as well Furthermore, I am not sure about the security of their systems so I’d rather be on the safe side.
I always switch my route when heading home sometimes even driving to a cul-de-sac. This is one way I use to avoid monitoring. You can find information on such avoidance mechanisms on the internet.

Also, I have an entire catalog of passwords. Each service that needs a password has a different one I utilize password management systems that I store in a drive that I always carry around. The backup to that drive is in a secret location.

This list is definitely not exhaustive. I must have left out a lot. I try as much as possible but I occasionally slip up. I am not your conventional type of person and you can easily pick me out in a crowd. This has made me become extra careful.

In this list, there are things that I haven’t covered since I am a newcomer to this type of arrangement. If you find yourself in this situation, it is okay to be extra cautious. You can never be too sure.


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  1. Lawrence777 says

    After you read my story you will understand why I was playing with the thought to live below the radar or change my identity.

    I do not see any way out of my predicament than becoming someone else. I am facing foreclosure and if I start not being able to pay child support first, the take your Drivers License and then put liens on my house and around here the judges put people in jail for contempt for failure to pay. I met a guy in the jail that had been there 2.5 years and he was going to have to stay until he got caught up. How can he do that if he is in jail?

    Here is what happened and where I am at now…

    The really ugly one that comes up first is not me so Googles answer is that, it is not me so I should not worry about it. The one that is about me is because the newspaper in that town still has it on their website archive. So Google crawls that site and there it is. I have tried to contact the paper at least a dozen times ad while my attorney was working with the DA I even volunteered to tell my side but they ignored me then too.

    They sent a reporter to each of my hearings but never interviewed anyone – 4 hearings in total and it was not until the last one where I had 5 friends and business associates come and speak on my behalf and also I believe I also had 8 letters.

    My identity has been ruined because of one article from a small local newspaper.

    The judge was mad at my attorney for not sending them prior to court so she had to recess for a half hour to either read them or appear as if she did. There were probably 30 pages. The DA had one letter from my ex-wife who’s entire goal was to put me in a position where I would no choice but to allow her to move out of state with my daughter. So with that mountain of words, the article is well balanced but the headline, which is just awful. So I was facing about 21 misdemeanor charges and all but 3 were dropped. The police department, one individual in particular really overreacted and so they were pushing the DA to prosecute as many charges as they could. The DA was pretty upset with them as was the mayor. In the end, the supervising officer who made the call to deploy two SWAT teams – one borrowed from the neighboring county so the first team could go home at shift change, yes for real, and had all the roads blocked off and told all the neighbors to go to their basements based on my wife’s story while they got a warrant – which took over 8 hours to do making it a huge deal – ended up losing his job about 6 months afterward. Long enough that it would not look like it was because of that. In fact, he resigned stating he was going to spend more time with his family. He was 58 I think with grown kids who do not live in the area. So the DA and Judge were trying to salvage something so the Police Chief and his boss the Mayor did not lose their jobs via the election process which almost happened. They were all political allies. They were all political adversaries of most of the prominent religious leaders in the town. My father was 5 years passed but he had made a few things quite difficult for all of them because they had screwed up the schools in the area. His church and several others built their own schools and so sucked a lot of students/dollars out of the system.

    So, anyone who takes the time to peel back a layer or two sees it for what it is. It is just trying to get people who do background checks to understand what I plead to for what it does not seem to have the sense to do so. I had been the Director of IT Infrastructure for a company that ran 1.1 billion in revenue yearly prior to that and I have not worked in almost 4 years and I was just turned down by Uber Eats yesterday. I have exhausted all my savings from a 15 year period where my salary was $150k and my inheritance. Of course I had to sell my house and move back to a rental I had and now I am making the last payment I can and going to sell it so I have enough can and going to sell it so I have enough and going to sell it so I have enough money to buy a home in rural NM or WY and will live in my 30 ft RV with my dog as I drive around trying to get a job out there in the boonies at a truck stop or something and then I will buy a mobile home or two so I can rent one. It sure would be nice to start that new life as someone else. Hence, my purchase of your book. Oh, and I have not even talked to my daughter since the day before the incident which was over 3 years ago. I even met a great lady 6 months after it happened but 6 months ago she could see what was coming and was straight up that she cannot live in the boonies with me and does not make enough to support me so we parted ways.

    How I have not descended into alcoholism or worse, just really given up, I do not know. It is truly almost beyond belief.

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