How To Escape the Surveillance Society


With the development of technology it is easy to access to one’s credentials through the internet, bank accounts, mail addresses and identification cards even without their knowledge of it.


In as much as everyone likes their privacy and prefers not be under someone’s watch all the time, with the governments in place nowadays and the entire world, it may become hard to do this without using some cunning but efficient methods. Below are tips that can help you stay under the radar:

Avoid leaving behind any evidence or trail that can lead to you
For documents that may have your credentials and signatures that you do not want to be accessed easily by other people, shred or burn after using. Shred them in such a way that no computer or machine can be able to rejoin the shredded pieces and come up with the original document. Moreover, make payments in cash and deal with money directly instead of cheques and debit cards making it hard to trace it back to you.

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Avoid/minimize your use of the internet
This is one of the easiest ways of people watching your movements, and so you should pay attention to avoiding this. If you communicate via email, delete your emails after sending or receiving them since they can be intercepted. You can also use messengers that have an end to end encryption hence preventing anyone else from accessing vital information that you share with others.

Be simple
Act normal and have simple things like most people to avoid people looking into you. Avoid having a lot of wealth or property registered to you as this may make people start questioning who you are. The governments rarely look into people with little and live simple lives.

Use different mail-drop services
Instead of using a mail address that is registered to you that someone can easily trace, use the online mail-drop services that only you can access. These services are secure and very rare to be hacked.

Avoid staying in one place for long
People will want to know more about you if they tend to see you a lot in a place, to avoid this, do not spend more time than you need to in one location. In countries with a specified time you need to spend there before becoming a citizen, act like a tourist hence no one expects you to be registered for anything.

Use anonymous credit cards
The banks normally give credit cards that require you to use credentials making it easy for someone else to trace you. It is, therefore, advisable to use anonymous credit cards that you get online; such cards only require an email address and after depositing some money, you get the card number and the expiration date after which you can use it easily. However, you need to be careful not to deposit vast amounts of money that can cause suspicion.


Legally own a fake passport
I know you are wondering whether it is possible to have such a passport, and yes, it is. You can register for a passport for a non-existent country by using your driving license. These passports that are usually destined to help you hide your identity in a crisis such as a hijack can be your escape root and help you stay under the radar.

You can use these tips to help you keep from the eyes of the government and the global community as a whole. If you have more ideas on how to do this, please free to share.


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