How to Escape from Debt Hell

Everyone, in the process of living, incurs a certain amount of debt whether small or large. Learning to and dealing with debt is of course the best way but what if your debt is so large and so out of hand that you feel the only recourse is to change identity in order to escape the hounds.

You have borrowed money from friends, family and gotten loans to pay off loans but the debts keep piling up and you began to feel overwhelmed. Most people do not necessarily want to be “rich” they just want to be comfortable and be able to pay their debts so, what happens when all else fails?

There are only two ways to get a new identity, either legally or illegally. Assuming you want to change your identity to escape debtors, legally will probably not work, as your past will always follow you no matter where you go. Still, there are advantages for changing your identity legally especially if you have been the victim of identity theft or maybe, as a child, you were very bad and got in trouble with the police and now that same trouble is keeping you from getting the job, you want or from finding the right person to marry. Even though the reason to change id may be legit and right for you, a spouse or boy/girlfriend will not be pleased if they find out they have been married to or dating for a long time, someone who was born with a different identity.

People legally change id everyday for various reasons’ including escaping a large debt caused by identity theft, escaping a large debt due to mishandling your money, escaping a stalker, hiding from an abusive marriage or being in the witness protection program.

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The courts are full every day with people trying to make a fresh start by changing their identity but a simple name change is not enough as employers, private investigators and the police can still find you with your social security number, driver’s license number or a background check including a credit history.
Changing your identity for whatever reason cost a lot of money and takes a lot of preparation and time especially if you are trying to change identity for illegal reasons. Money problems, especially big ones, cause people to do all sorts of things mainly because they are afraid or too proud to ask for help. Maybe you are embarrassed and just cannot face the prospect of asking one more person to help you out of a jam and changing your identity seems the best way out.

There are some people who are so distraught about having a large amount of debt they see no other recourse except to fake their own death! It is of course illegal to fake ones own death and when, not if, when you get caught, debt will not be your only problem.

The best way to change identity for a fresh start is to go through the courts and do it legally and to be honest with your loved ones as they are the ones who love you and will be the most affected by whatever decision you make.


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  1. Luzy2 says

    Debt is like a trap. Once you are inside it’s almost impossible to escape. It is such a nightmare.

  2. Rainer says

    I am in a similar position. I just have so much debt, I will never be able to pay the money back I owe, all my life. I just don’t know what I should do.

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