How to escape a stalker with a new identity

A new identity might help stalking victims to find safety. The high level privacy tactic has shown to be effective and it has been used in the past to protect women who had become victims of stalkers.


It is highly necessary to take stalking crimes seriously and working towards a means to protect the privacy when harassment starts.

If you are a victim of stalking and want to protect yourself, then a new identity could prove to be a good option. A new name and identity would definitely saved many individuals in the past from being stalkers.

The subject of a identity change is an emotional subject. There are the various laws in a number of jurisdictions in western culture that support the use of an alternate identity for the privacy purposes.

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You should always make sure that you follow all the laws in your country or state that relate to pen name. You should always provide the law enforcement and government officials along with the true name and bona fide identification documents. If you use a fake identification with law enforcement agents or government officials, you could get in serious trouble.


The use of the new identity is the most important step to save you from a stalker. In creating and maintaining new ID, the most difficult part is to stand up to the background checks. By copying someone’s identity who already exists, anybody can simply take advantage of the fact that with them, there defiantly will be some sort of past, and those they are not wise enough to realize exactly what is going on. As regards the longest I’ve ever been able to control an assumed identity is around two to three months.

The most important step that you can take after an identity change is moving far away from friends, colleagues, lover and employers. Never tell anyone what your new name is or where you are currently located. Erase or delete all contacts to reduce the probability that someone who knows your previous identity will accidentally expose your new identity.

If you think you might be a stalking victim it’s better to talk action fast than to wait. You can find more information on how to get help at the US department of health.


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  1. Lissa says

    I had a stalker harassing me. There are no words to describe the suffering I experienced.

  2. Lizy says

    I suffered from a stalker for years. It is so scare. I really want a new identity.

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