How To Disappear Without Trace


The world is a beautiful place in itself, but people can make it be such a horrible place to live in. In such cases, you always feel like the only option you have is going off the grid.


Think about difficult cases like Edward Snowden’s case, whereby the guilty go free and disapproval goes to the good guys. If you have been faced with a similar case, you may have tried disappearing many times without success. There are many effective ways you can do this. Read on if you are in such a situation.

If you are not in such a mess, you might still want to continue reading because with a man-eat-man society, you just never know. There is also the case where current technological progress makes it nearly impossible to lay low completely.

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Do not be in a rush, since you may miss something crucial which will make your disappearing act a waste. Carefully consider and follow these steps, and you will be glad you did.


Stay calm, cool and collected

The first and probably the most important step is to just keep you cool. You are about to make such a drastic change to your life, you should not rush through it. Keep clutter out of your mind and focus on the present. Think about what you currently have in your life, every aspect of it. Think about family, work, friends, neighbourhood, school, properties and any other thing currently in your life. Think critically and calmly about this decision that you are about to make. Is it worth it? What are you willing to give up in order to get this new life?

Ensure that you make this decision with a clear mind. It matters less if you have little time or a little bit more time, just ensure that the decision is made when everything is calm inside your mind. This helps to ensure that whatever decision you make, be it to disappear or stay, is a good decision which you will not regret later.


Go off the grid

After making a decision to walk away, then there is a number of things that you will need. The one thing that most people think about discarding first is their identification card. This may be an error because if you know anything about law enforcement, you know that you attract more suspicion if you do not have an identification. Hence here, you may need to go through the back door, to get a law enforcer to help you get an ID. Always have one in hand to ward off suspicions.

The one other item you should always have on hand is a bag that helps you bug out at any time. This bag should almost always be readily packed with some basic items that you may need before settling done in your new life. Some of these items are, a camelback for water purposes, a map, a radio, hygiene essentials, vitamins, essential utensils, some warm clothes, some snacks and foodstuff that cannot go bad, a sewing kit and bandages, a cell phone and a laptop without a card, fire starters and a flashlight. These are some of the basics that you should have in your bug out bag at all times. In this bag, you can add or deduct items, depending on your needs.


Cut links

Cutting links are definitely not talking about going off social media completely. Just like the lack of an ID card, you instantly become suspicious if you are not on any social media site. Being online, of course, means that you can be updated on worldwide activities. Get an account on as many sites as possible you can, each with different names and different login information and passwords. You will be glad you did.

The kinds of links you should cut, however, are linked with family, friends, and loved ones. This is a most difficult decision, especially when it concerns people who you are really close to. Your emotional status may not allow you to easily cut ties with these people but always think of the good that will be born when you do. Step out and just leave. Create another existence for yourself with others whom you will call loved ones.

The one reason why it is important to cut off these links is that enemies and anyone looking for you will get to you through your loved ones. If you allow yourself, you will fall back into the pit that you are rescuing yourself from. This is obviously counterproductive, hence, you need to avoid this at all costs. Another reason to cut off these links is that these enemies will try to harm your loved ones through you. Cutting links with them ensures that you are protecting them in your own way.


Hide in plain sight

If you have not moved very far, you can alternatively change your outer appearance. Grow some beard, or cut and color your hair differently. Wear clothes that you would not normally wear. Ignore anybody who has recognized you and do not pick up calls from anybody whom you would not like to reach you. This should work pretty well and ensure that these people leave you alone. Do not feel guilty about it, remember that this is your life, and you are your own captain. No one else can do this for you because everyone thinks about themselves before they can think about any other person. Do this for your own well-being.

There are many reasons why you may need to disappear. If you have reached to that decision, then take the above points into consideration to disappear effectively. If it is an internet disappearance, go with the anonymous tag. This works surprisingly well, especially if you avoid being a troll. People will actually listen to you if you are anonymous who makes sense.

The above tips should help you get rid of what you do not need in your life. They will also help in starting a brand new life. A life that you may have been only dreaming about. Walk this tightrope with confidence.

Do not ever let your guard down because there is no net to catch you when you fall. Be careful always and do not look back.


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    First of all, thank you in advance for writing something that may help some of us who are tired of BB stamping ID numbers on our foreheads, we are not cattle heading to slaughter, nor prisoners. This is about living a healthy, clean, and giving life.

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