How To Disappear With A New Identity


You have come to the inevitable decision of changing your identity. If you don’t like living your present life, or you’re escaping debt, or you’re a victim of spousal abuse, or you’re an ex-convict, or you are testifying for a criminal trial, or whatever your personal reason is, here are is how you can do it


Before you start creating a new identity, you need to know about the three kinds of identity which are – created, forged, and borrowed.

A created identity is a legal identity created from forged documents. A forged identity is done when you foge minimal identifications instead of applying to the state. A borrowed identity is taking over another person’s identifications.

This article is focused on creating a legal identity. 

The first thing to do when changing you identity is to think of a new name that would suit you. Try something that feels natural for you to be called for. So that when you other people call you with it you won’t feel or act strange.

Try to introduce yourself to strangers with your new name and see if it feels natural to you. Also, if you’re escaping debt or criminal case, choose very common name like John Smith or Jack West. That way, they would have a difficulty tracing you.

Second, go to your State and fill out a petition to change your name. They will ask you to fill out a paper stating your reasons on why need a change of name.

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Go to the courthouse and get all the required forms to be accomplished. Have your forms notarized by the clerk of the courthouse. Your petition will be forwarded to a judge for review. Make sure your reasons sound intelligent.

Note that if you are an ex-convict, or an immigrant, or a lawyer, you need to get an affidavit of service of notification to authorities included in your application.

Third, the courthouse will summon you for a court hearing. Attend it answer all the questions posed by the judge. Provide all intelligent reasons on why you need a change of name. If you get denied, acquire the form of denial and re-apply for a petition again.

If the judge approves, they will give a name change court order provided by the clerk at your local civil court. Photocopy all the form for your own record.

Fifth. Now you can change your name on other legal documents. Using the documents from the hearing, file your legal documents such as passport, driver’s license, and bank accounts. These documents will help you get your new Social Security Card.

Social Security Card application will require you provide evidences of your age. Bring copies of your religious documentation, birth certificate or adoption papers. You also need to provide them evidence of identity. You will need your new passport, new driver’s license, and other identity cards.

Bring all your forms when you visit your local social security office. For them to give you a new SSN, you need to satisfy a number of the following criteria: You are a victim of abuse or harassment, or your life is endangered: your SSN number is confusing with a family number; your number is similar to another; you were a victim of identity theft.

Now that you have your new Social Security Card you are ready to assume your new identity.



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  1. Justin annen says

    Yes I’m in need of a new life!i want to do it 100% legally and secure. Im not running from anything in particular. I just want a new life,new me, and even a new memory if current life is becoming to much to handle for me. And it’s too hard just to up and leave my family behind without starting honestly just ready to restart,relax,and not look back. If there is anyway I can get assistance please let me know what I can or need to do. And it has to be 100% not trying to break any laws just.looking for a new start.plz get back to me asap!thanks

  2. Try me says

    My question is how to obtain the birth certificate to aquire a new ss card when you weren’t actually born under that name. Any replies are appreciated.

  3. Emma Dyer says

    i guess it’s okay

  4. Les Brockelman says

    is it unsafe to use a social security number from someone that past away after 9/11.

  5. well says

    I need new identity I want to delete my memory and my history, I want I be reborn again, can you help me please urgent, I don’t have money I am scared and desperate, I don’t know what to do, I am alone, actually right now I am living with my mother and sister and I feel alone, I can’t leave home, I am also suffering from health issues. And some mental issues, I have no job, no car. No friends, my wife left the house with my kid since 4 years, I feel I am loosing all good things, I am afraid from my history and memories, I always despount any one try to help me, I can’t trust myself I can’t trust anyone, I want to emigrate to nice and calm place I want new family new friends or I can live alone it’s OK, I just need new life. Please can you help me or someone help me urgent please , thank you for reading my reply, i wish you all the best too

  6. David Dennis says

    Your article on “How to Disappear with a New Identity” was excellent. Can you advise me on how to get a 2nd passport or fake passport for identity purposes only and not for travel? Or can you put me in touch with someone who could help me?
    Thank you,
    David Dennis

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