How To Disappear Completely and Start From Scratch


Disappearing takes some nerve and a strong heart. It also needs someone who is scheming, and very discreet, so that their cover doesn’t get blown up.


If I wanted to disappear, the most basic rule I’d follow is to keep it to myself. This is the one decision I cannot afford to share with my close friends and family unless I want to make their search mission an easy one. If I intend to disappear for life, then my aim is to make that mission completely impossible.

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After my resolve, then I need to plan where to go, and how I will survive when I get there. This means that I need to plan how I will survive the first few days after successfully disappearing from home, and how I will earn a living once I settle down. Once I have determined these issues, then I have to convince my friends and relatives not to look for me once I’m gone.


I will have to start packing early and move the things I’ll need on my journey to a discreet, undiscoverable place. And I will have to move the things slowly so that the people in my life don’t get suspicious of any fishy going on. A perfectly discreet place could be commercial rental spaces or even a rental apartment that I might own anonymously, or even behind my own walls. I have to make sure that no one gets a whiff of my plan and guard my secrecy at all costs.

Then, I have to play the part of a depressed person in dire need of help. For my story to seem plausible, regular visits to the psychiatrist are a must. Of course, I will never take a single pill of the medication, but it’ll help my course to make the fact that I’m on medication quite conspicuous. That way, when I fake my own death, people in my life will have an easy time buying into the story of my death.

Then I’ll leave an empty pill bottle in the place where I want to be last seen, to stress the fact that I probably took an overdose of the pills and that I am a goner. Afterward, I will get into my car and drive to a high bridge, under which a swift water current flows. I will then desert the car, leaving the keys, identification and a suicide note in it. That way, people will have no trouble believing that I was either murdered or that I killed myself.


I will then walk in the opposite direction from where I came from in the car, lose myself in the crowds and then make my way to my hiding place. I will then take up boating as a hobby, and show everyone that I love solitary rides far into the lakes. Then I will pick a day to disappear, and choose a way to disappear without being seen. In the boat I pick, I will leave empty beer bottles, and another suicide note, plus identification and some prescription pills.

If anyone ever discovers the boat, their first instinct will be to look for my body in the water, or around the lake. That will give me plenty of time to be gone a long distance away and to finally have a fresh start to life.


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  1. woly says

    I am still suffering from fear, I want disappear, I am so sinsitive guy, I always think about people, I always afraid if some one get hurt because of me, I want runaway to safe place, I want to delete my memory, I want new identity, I am hiding in home all the time, I can’t even open the house door for delivery men, i cant answer a phone call or make a call, in the same time I can’t move I don’t have money, no friends and no job, also I can’t run beacause surgery at my back, I am exhausted most of the time, my family they are almost give up about helping me because I always dissiponted them, I always waisting good chances, now I feel I have no chances anymore, please some one help me, I am not living in USA, I am not USA citizen, but I feel I belong to USA always, can I moved to USA or other place.

  2. Jane Doe says

    I have to disappear from an abusive relationship. I am a US citizen. Never broke a law. Who could I pay to advice me? Birth Certificate, passport, Driver’s License. Pls help. I’ve been scammed 😔

    1. William Wood says

      My namen is Gene Wood and want s new life and ID I would like to work in the jungle I just want out of the life I’m in

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