How Gambling Debt Destroyed My Life


George Freeman, how I wish I this was my identity. An identity that will bring me peace and joy that I have lost over the past years in my life. A name that would finally make me feel like a new born baby. But is not that simple. How I wish I could change my identity.


James Walker is my name. I have lived a life of wealth but now tasting what we call the “hide and seek of life”. I am having all what one would want in life to be happy, but still I am a sad and restless person. I just wanted to change my identity to start a new life. A new life in that no one would recognize me by my old identity. I just wanted to change everything about me ranging from my name, location, and properties I own, and even if I could my family because I was in a deep debt.

my-weddingGone are the days when I used to work as a Chartered Accountant. I was adored by many people, respected and loved. But little did I know that I was being shown all this because I was wealthy, had power and influence. I use to live happily with my newly wedded wife. We were married for just 11 months.

Before I became a Chartered Accountant. I used to have noting. Living a below average life and hoping from one job to the other. She was always by my side in every situation whether good or bad, she never left me. She always assures me that everything was going to be okay.

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As time goes by, I managed to make a breakthrough in life when I was offered this job. There was so much joy that all that we thought about was to get married so we could build our future together. In no time, I got myself a house, a car for myself and for her as well. I loved her so much that I always prepared to whatever made her happy. But little did I know at this time that this job and my new friends around me would cost me my family and “life”.


Everything was fine at first just after we got married. My life was as normal as you can imagine, from work to home to meet my wife then to work. I had nothing in mind apart from living in the hamster wheel. But as I became more successful with my work, I could see a lot of “friends” counting on me to have fun with them. It was just a normal fun schedule. Drinking, eating and going to Europe on fancy vocations.

It got to the point where my wife got really bored of our daily life. I stupidly shouted at here and even physically abused her. I was drunk at that time so had no control of myself. She was hurt so much that after visiting the hospital, she decided to leave the house. I was so worried and talked to a friend about it. He advised to me not to worry, as he would help me get over it. I was so depressed that he took me to a nightclub to meet some hookers and to drink.


After that night, I great and since then, hanging out with hookers became my habit. My daily schedule now changed, from home to work, from work to club, and from club to home. I later learnt how to gamble and at first won a whole lot of money. I earned so much that within a short time of me learning how to gamble. I have earned more than my entire life of being a Charted Accountant.


I then made the second stupid mistake in my life by quitting my job and relaying mainly on gambling. I was so blinded by money that I didn’t even think of me possibly losing one day. I was now a big time tycoon when it comes to gambling so I latter joined the big casino clubs where we make big bets. Within 4 weeks of me joining, I made some cool cash so was so happy that I bet half of my whole property on. If I had won, I would be a mega millionaire but I was wrong, I lost the bet. I was so upset that I immediately used the other half to bet again. To my surprise, I lost it. It was like a joke when after everything. I had to give away all that I have gained my entire life to one skinny “useless” guy. I found ways and mean to get all the money back so sought to borrowing from other tycoons whom were also in gambling. I borrowed and borrowed to the extent that, I had incurred a debt of about 5 times of the total value of my properties.

Not being able to return the money to the people I borrowed from, my life was now in danger. I was being followed and threaten wherever I went.


I used to live in a mansion but now living in a old smelly studio apartment with windows near some park. Running from one place to the other just to save myself. I just wish I could go a place far far away where I can change my identity. I want to change everything about me, my past, my name, my friends and even my family which I had not at that moment. All the people who respected and adored me are now gone.

With this same identity, I will forever remain the same. Now all I want is just one thing. That I can change my identity have a bright future. 

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