How an Abused Woman Can Escape their Abusive Husband


Some women suffer a lot in the hands of the same people who are supposed to be their protectors.


Some husbands have turned not to be the protectors they are supposed to be but wife batterers. One of the greatest nightmares for a woman is living with man who mistreats her. Mistreatment is a lighter word compared to what some women undergo in the hands of their husbands.

What Options does Such a Woman have?

A woman who is abused in her marital relationship has quite a number of options to explore. All these options that women have are easy to make as such. Let’s discuss these options and then talk of the most effective option giving reasons for that.

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  • Divorce: Divorce is one of the options that such a woman has. While it is a viable option, divorce will not solve the problem immediately. It might take some time before the case is finally settled. All this while, the woman will be suffering under this abusive man.
  • Resistance: Such a woman can also attempt to resist her husband’s violent abuse but this can cause more harm than good.
  • Counseling the Husband: This might not work if the husband is not willing to attend the counseling sessions.
  • Change of Identity: It sounds strange but change of identity is the best way of dealing with such a situation.

Why is Change of Identity the Best way of Escaping from an Abusive Husband?

  • Ends the Misery

Changing identity will end the misery of being abused by the husband forever. Unlike other court proceedings, this will be instant.

  • No Discussion

An escape by changing identity will not grant people chance to discuss your marriage and probably win you over to giving your husband a ‘second chance’.

  • Total Control

The woman is given total control over her own fate. She does not depend on anyone to give her advice on what to do.


How to change Identity to Escape an Abusive Husband

  • Hide Tracks on computer: You should hide anything that may help the man track you down to where you are.
  • Change your Mobile Number: You should change your number so as to keep him in the dark on where to find you.
  • Go as Far as you can: Do not relocate to a place where you can easily be traced by people. Go as far as possible so as to give a clear distance that cannot be united.
  • Do not Contact Relatives: Once you have decided to change identity, it is important not to contact your relatives or your husband’s relatives. They might help your husband in looking for you.

The above mentioned are some of the ways which can help an abused woman to get away from her abusive husband by changing identity.



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