Forced to change my identity due to the fact I was in debt


Debts are common, and no one I know would say they do not have a debtor had a debt. The problem with debt is never paying them on time or not paying at all. I personally have learnt that having debts is not good, especially a lot of debt, and I learned the hard way.



From a young age, I started having debts. I would borrow anytime I would have any problem, and the worst thing about me is that I would spend over the budget and beyond the lifestyle I was leaving. Although at that time I did not know, I was piling up problems for my future. At the age of 20 I had a few debts from friends and family, plus I did not have a job at that time. The worst thing about debt is that you promise to always return the cash within a short time, but once I was employed I did not pay my debts off. As I started working, I stopped borrowing but I never paid off any of my current debts at that time. I was at that time leaving at my parent house so I was saving most of the cash that I was earning.

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After one year of saving I saved enough to move out, so I went to the bank and asked for al loan so that I get enough money to move out, I borrowed around 1500 US dollars. This was enough to fully stock my small room that I had rented. After moving out I was completely broke, so I started borrowing again, I went to friends and convinced them to give me cash for my upkeep. Later on I borrowed cash from my parents; I continued accumulating debt form my friends and family that one day they stopped helping me. This was the time I had a very wonderful business idea, and I required a large amount of startup capital.

I decided to go take my father log book, for his car, and use it to get a loan on it. I took a loan of almost 50,000 US dollars. What I never understood at that time is why I wasted all that money, within weeks the cash was over. I had two months to return the cash borrowed plus interest, plus I also had money that I was paying back to the bank, so I had no money at all. Bad luck seemed to be on my side, I was fired from my job. Things started taking a turn for the worst. The loan I took on my father’s car was haunting me, my things were taken from my house, and I was soon evicted and had nowhere to stay. I was being threatened of being taken to jail due to the money I owed the bank and on my father’s car. Later on my father’s car was confiscated, I was homeless and the only option I had was to change my identity and start a new page in life. I learned from my mistakes and I only spend what I earn.



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