Escape from Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is horrible trap to fall into. Many people do not realize that their uncontrolled spending habits are pushing them into a trap laid down by the creditors and credit card companies.

debt-2892Many times people come under so much debt that they have to be creative to escape from the clutches of credit card companies. No matter how many moments you spend in peace, if you have a huge problem of debt on your head, you will not be able to enjoy your time.

Changing the Identity: A New Face

Well, changing the identity becomes an obvious choice, if you are charged with credit card fraud. This can certainly bring your life back on track. But it is easier said than done. Jacob Crawford is one such person. Very little information is available on his previous identity. People like him are changing their identities for a number of reasons. Just search for change identity and you will find a million search results. But no person will come forward to claim that he/she has changed his identity. But Jacob Crawford is an exception. And he guides people on changing their identities through his personal blog. A rare feat indeed.

Escape Debt: Change Identity

Sometimes the option to disappear seems the best option out there. In case of Jacob Crawford, he chose this option to escape the crushing debt he was under. There are many things to consider when you change your identity to get away from your problems. This can be quite hard a task to pull off. But the right person, like Andrew Hambrick have pulled it off quite easily and guides other individuals also. Remember, if you are caught, you will be tried and tested in a court of law in your respective country.

Some people even thought of first faking their own death. This is the most common method of escaping debt companies. In most probability, this is the hardest method and he knew it would not work. The legal ramifications of bringing someone back from the death are very complex. Manipulating the system is almost impossible. The police never declare a person dead unless they have the body of the person as a proof. If there is no body found, police term the person as missing or untraceable. Faking an accident did cross his mind but the investigative agencies would have caught up with him sooner or later. He says,  Trust me on this one. I have known many personal cases where individuals are caught in the end. And the end is not good.” The serious fraud cases are investigated at the very highest level and you do not run far. So, faking a death by accident was almost impossible and out of the question.

The Secret Identity Change Method They Don’t Want You to Know About
Identity change expert reveals a little-known technique on how to get a new identity and live under the radar (100% legal).

Next came the option of creating a new ID or obtaining documents that can help you establish yourself as someone who is totally free of debt. This is inadvisable. In most cases, when you take on a new identity, you will most likely replace someone’s identity. This is called identity theft technically and is a severe crime in every state. Harsher punishments are listed in every state law that make sure that identity theft is not going unchecked. The origins of the new ID should be tested and verified personally. The underground groups who will deliver you the newest fake ID will almost never allow you to check first. So, there is this element of doubt here. If you will use it for any official purpose, i.e. obtaining a new home loan or crossing a border, you are most likely to end up in jail. Copied fake Ids are the most sought after in the black markets around the world but they hardly work in the real world.


Jacob Crawford tried this way but fortunately did not use the fake identity ever. Licensee and passports are universal documents that can be tracked easily. All over the world, the USA passports can be tracked by a built in RFID chip. This makes sure that even if the person is dead in a foreign country, his passport will most likely be tracked and recovered. You cannot use his/her lost passport to enter the united states of America. If you are found in the customs with a fake ID, you will be in big trouble. Not only would they ban you entering the United States forever, but they will also charge you with felony.

It is still unclear as to how did Jacob Crawford become the new man that he is now. How did he attained a new identity and how he spends his life now? Does he have any debt problems now also? Well, only he himself knows how this became possible. But he does advise people on how to get a new identity.

General Tips from Someone Experienced

There are many books sold out there that let you know how to vanish from the world. These books contain many methods but most of them are very dangerous. It is a huge risk to follow any of the methods. These recipes of disaster will only appeal to someone who is way beyond the mark in debt and has absolutely no choice but to take this dangerous route.

Well, Mark shares his secrets. First of all, you have to be prepared to lose everything. And this includes family, children, house or even your current job. He says that you plan to change your identity must be very confidential. Not even your spouse should know that you are planning this in your head. Keep the plans private. Start avoiding technology months ahead of the actual identity loss. Do not make heavy usage of the technology or else you will be caught. When you are searching for identity theft on Google, make sure you wipe off your browser’s history.


You should carefully eliminate any footprints that may lead them to your new identity. When you have decided to live an anonymous life, it is time to get a new identity. No, Mark will not guide on how to get a new identity. But if you are truly looking, you will find the right people who will sell you a new identity and handle all the paperwork. Now, this can be very expensive and these people prefer cash So, make sure you have the money to afford all these new documents. You should also purchase a new cell phone that has no IMEI number to be traced. Cheap Chinese phones can do the job as they have no IMEI numbers. Although, they are few in the market but someone will sell you one. The card you out in it should be top-up card and not a post-paid connection. Prepaid credit cards should be purchased for any on-the-run purchases. This ensures that your traces of movements are less.

Furthermore, you can bribe your way to someone in the police department to clean all your previous records. Yes, this sounds strange but there are always some dirty fish in the bowl. Pay them handsomely to wipe off your entire record of the official documents. This way, when your family finds you , they cannot trace you.

On the final day, keep it normal. Just vanish into thin air doing your everyday job. Reach a pre-planned destination and stick to the plan. If everything goes right, people will forget you in some years.

Mark says , when he called his family after 5 years from a South American country, they could not recognize his voice. Now, he says, it is time to reconnect with your family.

If all your ID documents are right, you can return to your country as a new person. Or call your entire family to live with you. Story over but no one should know. Yea, right!


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  1. Scottie Doyle says

    I am really surprised that their are so many people changing their identity. I never thought it was possible.

  2. Refugio Roy says

    I am part of a religious cult, I am really scared to leave as they told us many times, they will hunt down who ever tried to leave. I am really scared. I just want a new identity and get a new life.

  3. Sara Lang says

    I started to calculate yesterday how much I work ever-year so I can pay back the interest (not the actual debt), and I was shocked. I spend the first 5 months of every year just making money for banks without reducing my debt by a single cent. It’s just horrible.

  4. Lucky says

    I think debt is destroying as many life’s as drugs do. Once you are in debt, there is no escape.

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