Debt nightmare

I am a person with many different names but you can call me Tom. You see my story begins about five years ago when I had trouble finding a job just out of college. I was not the best student but I was not the worst and with the recession

No one wanted to hire me with just a college education and a 2.8 GPA. With too many student loans to pay for and a baby on the way, I tried to do things the right way.

A child is expensive and with my wife caring for the child during pregnancy and birth, I was responsible for the school loans and the medical bills. You see there were complications at birth. Our baby boy was born premature. He survived and thank god for that everyday but our bills and our debt was through the roof. Especially since our son needed constant medical treatment through the first days of his life and for the first few years too.

That is when I came to the only sensible solution a parent could come to. I needed to change my identity. At first, all I did was get a new P.O Box address and changed my phone number but then, trouble started. Creditors tracked me down through my wife and they began harassing her. As she became aware of my financial problems, she became angry. We began to fight day and night.

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That was three years ago when she took me to court and divorced me. I felt like a deadbeat dad, heck maybe I still am. What I have done is not right but now I had to pay child support and could not escape my sons medical bills let alone escape my student loans. I was so stressed out. I could not even see my son properly let alone provide for him. That is when I went into hiding.

I actually was homeless. I lived out of my car to avoid having creditors know my address. I paid for a P.O. Box with the little cash in my checking account and I stopped seeing my son. After a year of living in hiding that is when I came to a decision enough was enough. I needed a life.

Therefore, I took one. Not in the way, that someone kills someone for money but in a way where I went through the missing persons directory. I found a male who had been missing since he was 15 he was my age exactly and presumed dead. For his security, we will call him Josh. I became Josh.

I applied for credit cards in his name, took out a few cash advance loans and began living life as Josh. Being Josh was great. I got an apartment in Manhattan and all of a sudden, I had access to money. I sent cash to my wife and slowly tried to pull myself out of debt will putting Josh into debt.

I got caught though. Josh’s aunt got a letter in the mail about his debt and my apartment. That is when the police started looking for me. They knocked on my door one day and I was clueless as to why. They asked me personally questions that only a 15-year-old Josh would have known. That is when I was caught. I gave answers but I knew they were wrong.

That is when I left. I left my apartment in a rush hiding from the police. It went on for over a year they knew they were looking for me as Tom or Josh. I could not be either. Apparently, they tracked down the car I had bought with cash and one day about two weeks after the police knocking on my door, I was arrested, arrested for fraud and identity theft. You see my story is sad and right now, I sit in a jail cell.

I do not know what my future holds but I hope there is a lesson in it for someone. For me, I do not know if I would have done things differently. At least my son is alive, the woman I love, my ex wife, cares for him and is financially stable without me.

Its hard to think so much good came of so many illegal activities but I am brave and I did steal a life even though I did not murder Josh, I put his family through a horrific hope and I hope one day they can understand and forgive me.


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  1. Nathan Y. Rogers says

    Student debt destroyed my life. I finished university, but I just can not find any work. It really really sucks!!!

  2. Dude says

    As I expressed it in my original comment, after I found your book, and knowing that I have been without an identity for so long, that is why I need and hurtfully request your help, you see?

    I indeed, want through your God-gifted helping skills, for you to be able to change my identity, within 7 days time, so that by February everything will be all right, and my life back like it’s supposed to be, you see. So upon this, please let me know that you will help me get there, saving a whole lot of time, to make sure that 2013 will indeed be historical with what I have coming for the entire world’s population, you see? It’s the same as if your car is fixed.

    Sir you can get books on how to fix it yourself, but it’s much better, time efficient and cost worthy to go see a mechanics whom studied and worked years in doing exactly such, isn’t it ?? I am as honest and trustworthy as it gets and will be more than happy to reward you any convent amount you deem suitable for doing such, if you request any, because getting my normal life back is truly priceless, you know.

    So upon this, please let me know that you will hopefully, help me changing my identity, starting today, or in the upcoming hours, as I will provide you with all my birth and personal info, as well as a picture of myself that will surely be required to get my life back to normal.

  3. Rusty777 says

    Debt destroyed my life as well. It’s like a trap, once you inside it is almost impossible to get outside.

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