Debt And Identity Change

Have you ever experienced not being able to pay for your credit card bill or home mortgage on time? Then you would know how credit collectors tend to haunt you in every possible way from your home land-line, to work and to make sure that they can reach you wherever you are, your cell phone too. 


However, the hassles of not being able to pay for your debt spans way more than that. To begin with, banks share certain information, including the names of the bad borrowers. Hence, if you are unable to pay for your debt in one bank, you can be sure that you are as good as blacklisted in all the other banks as well.

The thing with being in debt and not being able to pay it is that you are made to suffer in every aspect of your life. As if your financial troubles are not bad enough, you will be harassed in front of your workmates and embarrassed in public should the credit collectors consider it necessary. You will be stripped off everything you care about including your dignity.

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If you have ever thought of totally changing your identity, then you are probably not alone. In fact, some people who have been in too much debt have done it in the past. They change their name, changed their identity and ultimately eliminated their debts.

Name-free, identity-free and debt-free – those are the things that many people who are unable to pay or settle their debt want. But is that possible?  Can it really be done? There have been real life stories of people attempting and being successful at the walk always.

We have seen it all in movies. The plot goes that this person fakes his own death just to escape his current situation. Some people move far far away and change everything about themselves – the way they dress, their hair color, their occupation and even their accent in an attempt to hide their identity. Sure, it sometimes works in the movies but in real life, is that really possible or is it all just wishful thinking? One can leave the country and live somewhere else, but do their debts stop? It will just keep on growing, and one way or another, it will creep back to them whenever they return or in cases where their immediate families are traced, it can lead into complications and bad records for banks and credit score.


The surprising thing is that when you go online, you will see websites that claim to be able to totally change the identity of a person. They will give all the necessary documents – birth certificates, passports, driver’s license and they will do all the works to give you the life that you have always wanted and ultimately get rid of your debt.  The thing is, every police report filed about those incidents will show that those are all scams that some people fell for in their desperation to get out of debt.

The point is this, you can day dream about changing your name, having a different identity, totally erasing your current life and coming up with new ones but the truth is, there is nothing better than addressing your current debt problems and keeping on with your current name.

You may be in debt now but you do not have to be in debt forever. There are many ways to get out of it and there are people and organizations that are willing to lend their expertise about it.  Name-free, identity-free and debt-free – that isn’t exactly the way to “live happily ever after”.


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  1. Diego says

    It is so true, the american dream is more than dead. For most of us the american dream turned into an american nightmare. Life got really difficult for people with lower income.

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