Child ID’s Used By Police To Change Identity

Undercover agent used the identities of a dead children to infiltrate all kind of political organization. More than 42 identities were stolen. 


Taking on the identity of someone who has died is already highly illegal and immoral. But there are no words to describe the act of taking on the identity of a dead child.

The real shocking part is that not some regular people used that method to change their identity, but the police. I always thought the government and law enforcement agent had access to all kind of systems and create as many identities as they like to. Stealing the identity of a dead child is just highly unethical.

During my extensive research I came across all kinds of illegal methods to change identity. One of them is paper tripping. This method has been used before the digital age. Someone wanting to change his identity would look through old death records and try to find someone who was born around the same date as well same race and gender but died when still a child. Before the digital age information was not connected as it is nowadays. Today it would be impossible to pull off something like that.

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That’s exactly what those undercover agents did; they were searching trough death records on their office computers and looking for children who died young.

Families whose children died are already traumatized for life, but it must have been heart breaking when they learned that the police stole their children’s identities and used it in undercover operations.

There is a reason why the police is called ‘law enforcement agency’, they supposed to ‘enforce’ the law and not break it. We can only hope that those police officers who broke the law will go to court and pay for their actions.


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  1. Rammstein says

    Just shocking what the police did here. Apologizing is not enough.

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