Change of Identity Due to Debt

I always found it puzzling why someone would want to change their identity after years until I needed to do it too because I had so much debt that I could not repay.


One thing that I can assure you is that the decision to change my ID was a culmination of not being able to continue living under pressure like a fugitive. Ultimately, the process of changing my name to escape from debt meant making sacrifice. I am sure at this point you want to know if the decision to get a new identity and starting all over was more risky compared to facing my debtors. The truth is yes; therefore, I needed to be smart to succeed in this venture because there are consequences for such a move hence the need to ensure utmost discretion.

The question then did I change my ID to get away from my debt burden? To begin with, you will need to be willing to give up most of what you have worked for over the years and be ready to start a new life. Once you are certain about this, you can then change your name as I did. Having done a bit of background research, I was advised to avoid doing so through a statutory declaration, public notice or even deed poll to avoid being traced. At this point, I went for a name that did not have any correlation with the old one.

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This was followed by my relocation to another state while ensuring that not even my friends and family knew where I was because they may be approached by creditors to provide information on my whereabouts. Remember I mentioned about being willing to make sacrifices. Having done that I then went on to destroy all my documents that bore my old name like the SSN card, driving license, ATM and even passport among other personal documents. I also was keen to bring down any information on my identity on the internet be deleting my social media accounts and information uploaded on other sites. Having done that, I was certain that I could not be traced so I embarked on a job-hunt in my new state because I felt relieved of the debt burden and was ready to write a new chapter in my life. Even then, the downside of this is that I could not find any well paying jobs.

One of the things that I learnt from this experience is that some things will not change with your identity like your insurance number. Secondly, I had to be willing to let go of my years of sweat, as I had no choice but destroy all documents that could give me out to my creditors including my SSN number before relocating to a different state. I also had to ensure that I do not use my previous identity online or offline for whatever reason meaning I cut links with friends.

However, this meant that I had to put up with poor pay that I considered better than the huge debt burden. Over time I successfully applied for a certificate of naturalization with a new name after which I was able to acquire a new passport.


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  1. Mary says

    I am trying to escape my ex-husband and create a new identity. He has followed me and told my employers and landlords all kinds of things – anywhere from me supposedly being a mental patient to someone who has been arrested. He has broken into my apartment more than once and stolen my bills and anything financial. Unless I can change my identify, I’ll never be free of him. He’s the one who is nuts but he has convinced at least one former employer and an instructor that his claims are true, costing me a job and seriously undermined my ability to get references from the instructor he spoke to. Help

  2. Vernon Foster says

    My ex-husband does not stop following me everywhere. Sometime when I look outside my window I can see his car outside my home. I can see he is inside and watching me. I am really scared. I need some protection. Changing my identity and moving far far away seems to be the only way to escape my ex-husband.

  3. whitestone says

    Not being able to pay back the money you owe just makes me feel sick. I can understand what made u change your identity.

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