Change of Identity due to Debt


Debt is a deadly trap. You can only know of how true this statement is if you are in the situation I am in today. For many years, I have accumulated debts that are currently unbearable.


I was very ambitious when I was introduced into retail business after finishing college. Things began well for me and I was making some good amount from my retail business. The global economic recession that hit most countries of the world is what shook my business. To sustain my business, I had to borrow money from different sources just to ensure that I kept my business floating. The harder I tried, the worse the results got. One thing that was constant was accumulation of debt. I had started borrowing from big financial institutions to my suppliers and even ended up borrowing from friends and relatives.

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I couldn’t and still cannot pay all my debts that I owe different institutions and people. The trap that I have gotten myself into is deadlier than I thought. There are no hopes of reviving my already collapsed business. The little money I have cannot pay even a ¼ of my total debt. So why should I pay partial debt and remain with no money.

My Options

I have limited options with me. I can try to repay all my debts but that could take my whole lifetime. So this is not a valid option. The other and what I think is my best option is to fully change my identity and run away from all my debts. This is what I’m contemplating on doing since I cannot commit suicide over my debts. Trust you me, many people in my position could easily explore this option.

Changing My Identity


I know it is illegal and seemingly and act of cowardice to even think of changing identity over debts. But this is the only option I have. With the little money I have, I can start a new life somewhere in the country side. This way, all my creditors will stop following me and threaten me with real court summons. I am just thinking of how to go about it.

The more I think of it, the more I see light at the end of the tunnel. A new life, debt free of course, is all I want now. It is like cleansing all your sins. I now see this as the only way to secure a bright future. Surely, I have to do this, and do it quick.



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