Ariza Research Scam


I read many books dealing with Identity change. Recently I came across this change identity guide published by Ariza Research. It was shocking to read this 190-page report. Most methods described in this book just don’t work in the 21st century anymore. e.g. Ghosting


Ariza Research claims that all methods described in this book are 100% legal. However, how can it be legal to commit identity theft from a deceased person? It is not only very unethical, it’s a serious crime.

The methods discussed in the guide are not only out of date, there is also the high chance if you try to apply those techniques, that you will spend a couple of years behind bars in a prison near you.

Obtaining a new identity illegally has many faces as described in the Ariza Research eBook. It normally is not just a social security number thing but is encompassed in two main classes: Account takeover and true name theft. A person should be aware of these two methods. The two practices are intertwined in most cases.

1. Account takeover (identity theft)
Account takeover involves an imposter using a person’s personal information, like names, social security numbers, receipt numbers to gain access to the person’s accounts. These accounts can be in any form, whether Bank Accounts, Credit Card accounts, you name it. Most will most likely use this information to run up huge debts that are unaccounted for. There are many other crimes someone would commit when following the Ariza Research method.

2. True name identity theft (Ghosting)
This is when the imposter uses personal information from an innocent party deceased or alive to carry out such practices as changing their criminal records. Some people think they can take over someone else’s identity, it might use to work in the past. But it does not work anymore nowadays.

Just imagine yourself being in jail because you followed those outdated identity change methods described by Ariza Research.

Choosing a 100% legal and up to date method such as the ‘Change ID Bible‘ is so vital. Your actions now can change your life forever, for good or worse.



  1. JOE M says



    1. Kristie T says

      I learned so much from reading the Change ID Bible. It explains in simple steps on how to how to start over with a new legal 100% identity, SSN, Birth Certificate, new DL etc.

  2. Lizzza says

    I just want to escape from my husband. I just don’t know what to do anymore. Life is really hard.

  3. blaike says

    True the Ariza method is scam, I wish I would have found this article before buying that guide.

  4. Dolorez says

    I like you article on Identity change but I am also surprised. There seems to be a lot of other people who have the same thoughts on getting a new ID.

  5. barcra says

    Will that Change ID bible help me get rid of those loan sharks coming to my house everyday?

  6. F3 says

    We live now in a surveillance society, If you want to live under the radar the Change ID Bible is the right book for u.

  7. Loca says

    I am a very hard working mom. My children already moved out. My old fat husband gets drunk every day, he is lazy and is drunk all the time. U really hate that guy. I just want to escape him. When he very drunk he always starts to hit me a lot.

  8. Rupert says

    I purchased the ariza research ebook a year a ago and it is filled with just useless information. Who ever things Ariza’s methods work must be brain-dead.

  9. Sammy says

    Ariza did not work for me as well. It is really a scam. I totally understand what the author is talking about.

  10. PMG says

    I just returned from San Quentin State Prison in SF. He was stupid enough to follow Ariza Research’s guide and got locked up last week. He only confessed to met today what he tried to do. I feel sorry for him. I wish he would have done some research online first, before trying to get a new identity “Ariza'” way. He was out on parole, so his situation is really serious.

  11. Ron Miller says

    Hi Wesley, you should check out the Change ID Bible guide, it worked for me. I had so much debt, my life turned into a real nightmare I had no choice than to start over again.

    I also purchased this guide from Ariza Research. I am not surprised Martin ended up in jail. There must be a couple of people being locked up for following the recommendations inside the book. I feel really sorry for those guys. In my opinion if you read the book and your IQ us above 90 you would never try those techniques anyway. Just to bad so many people fall for this Ariza Research scam.

  12. Wesley Truman says

    I was about to order Ariza’s stuff. What package of information do you offer, what is the price ? Can you email your sales page ?


  13. Anonymous says

    I read the book as well, I did not really try to apply those “Ariza Research” methods, as every normal thinking person knows that this technichs will get you into trouble with the law.

    And about this post left by Martin, he does not really seem to be the most brightest person. However, I still feel sorry for him.

  14. Martin says

    I purchased this book from Ariza Research. I wish I would have read this scam alert earlier. I got into serious trouble with the law and police.
    I was just released on bail, I have to be back in court next week. This ‘identity theft from dead person’ did not really work out as described by Ariza Research.

    On their website the claimed that all methods would be legal. How can it be legal, If I have to go to prison next week??? I am really in deep *** now.

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