Abused By Husband, How To Escape?

There are certain situations where a person is forced create a new identity for themselves. A few of these scenarios could possibly include that individual’s life being in real danger from a harassing partner, wife, or possibly a boyfriend or girlfriend.

You may have provided important information to law enforcement with regards to somebody or maybe you testified against these people. Understandably, they may desire to harm or kill you. Let’s be honest, the authorities usually are not able to defend you in most of these scenarios.


It’s possible that an ex-spouse is preparing to kidnap your children. Changing your identity for a new one and building a new existence by yourself may be a time-consuming and expensive undertaking. The most common method for getting your name changed under legal standing is using the court system. Nonetheless, it is likely to leave a trail which might actually direct the individual you happen to be running from right to your own front door! Not a good route to safeguard your new identity and keep yourself, your current spouse, or kids safe and sound, right?

Additionally, there are illegitimate techniques through which to change your identity. Most of the time, they present a serious danger to your personal freedom, as these practices can often be traced back. These methods very often include assuming someone else’s identity. The chances are high that the bad guys will find you, which puts your life at risk yet again or that the police force will uncover that you have been using someone else’s identity and therefore brand you as a criminal. This technique for obtaining a new identity might be simple but may not be very effective.

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You’re able to assume a new identity without the risk of being found by the guys you are running from. Nevertheless, there are certain things that aren’t really required to change your identity, which will help make life less difficult for the identity changer. These things include a birth certificate, driver’s license, and a social security number. Just about any identity change book in the marketplace will explain how to create bogus IDs by simply changing and forging these very papers… bad idea.

Many people teach you how to create a fake birth certificate for a new identity. However, what those people are really teaching you is to use your fraudulent birth certificate to get a driver’s license and everything else with it. They are also likely to advise you to create a bogus SSN out of nothing and use this number when applying for driver’s license or even getting a job. DON’T DO IT! Attempting to acquire a driver’s license using a fraudulent certificate of birth and a bogus SSN will get you in jail faster than you think.

Nowadays, authorities are a lot more intelligent than some people think. Those methods to obtain a new identity may have worked well during the 60′s or the 70′s, but I assure you that they do not work these days. You should be wise and solely make use of legal solutions that really work.


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  1. Louie says

    I tried many times to escape gang life without any success. Getting a new identity seems to me my last chance. I hope it will work.

  2. Suzan says

    I agree with Abbas to a point.It’s immoral if someone does it for a sneaky reason but if someone’s life is seriously messed up,it might be the only way to live safely.Many good people find themselves in harms way.Some want to do it because of horrible school records.Did you know your school records from high school can follow you throughout your life? People can always dig them up at the local school district office.Happily I received high marks in school but a friend graduated with a 1.9 due to her ADD.She has a tough time getting a job thanks to people being so unforgiving.She’s too smart to go to a remedial vocational school but some employers suggested it to her.People can be boxed in by the past.People need a chance to start over.

  3. Gina Torres says

    I find your post really interesting. Albeit, I am wondering how this legal way of changing identity could serve one who is trying to get away or hide from somebody. Surely, it leaves a trace.

    Just wondering…

  4. Jasmin Shakespeare says

    Changing a person’s identity entails a careful decision-making process. For valid reasons and purposes, a changed identity can actually save a person’s life. This post is helpful and informative, especially for people considering measures to have safer lives.

  5. David Tillman says

    It depends on which country you live in. In some countries you can make new identities without being caught. Because the government and the police officers will keep quite if you send them some money.

  6. Abbas says

    I don’t think there are any legal ways of changing your identity in my country, and there definitely should not be ways to do such immoral acts.

  7. tom911 says

    Interesting article. Thats what will all want. Get a new identity 100% legal without the government or anybody knowing. I am impressed as there really seems to be a way.

  8. Milton says

    Hi, I am from California. I am now 65 years old. I am just worried to get a new identity. But maybe I just need to try.

  9. Barch says

    Hi, I am from New York. I am now 70 years old. I may well have to work until I die, as I have so a lot of outstanding loans to pay back. I am just worried to get a new identity. But maybe I just really should try.

  10. Skoglund says

    This post was very interesting to read about “Lisa’s’ story. Most people who are not facing serious problems as we do don’t really understand why people would change their ID. I was first afraid of doing it, however, now with my new ID I really started to enjoy life again.

  11. Glynda Hartstein says

    I have so much debt, I can not pay back the money anymore. I just need to change my identity. Otherwise my life will continue to be a nightmare 🙁

  12. Verne says

    It makes me feel better to know, I am not the only one who is the situation, where the only way out is getting a new identity. Living in fear of getting discovered can destroy your whole life. I believe that everyone deserves a second change. We all do mistakes and we learn from them.

  13. Myatt says

    I believe Living in fear of getting discovered can destroy you. I believe that everyone deserves to change their identity. We all do mistakes and we should have to chance to learn from them.

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