3 Identity Change Methods That Will Get You Arrested


What are the most common methods people use to illegally change their identity

If you research “change identity” online you will discover that there are many illegal methods people try to use.

Ghosting/Paper Tripping

Some of them include a method called ‘ghosting’ or ‘paper tripping’. Those methods are based on the idea of taking over the identity of someone who died hoping that no one will ever find out since the person is already dead.

To put it in a nut shell, it’s basically stealing a dead person’s identity. I think it is shocking that people would even come up with such an idea. It is not only disrespectful to the deceased person, but it is also highly unethical.

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There have been many cases recorded in the past where criminals have used that method to hide their tracks. The only good thing is that in most cases it doesn’t take too long until law-enforcement agencies discover the identity fraud.

Fake IDs

Using a fake ID even only to buy alcohol if you are under the minimum age can get you arrested and sentenced to jail.

There are many online websites, especially from China, who offer very real looking driver licenses and other documents at bargain prices. Fake IDs might have worked 20 or 30 years ago, however now everything is stored online and connected. In the end, your ID card or your passport is just print outs of your identity that governments have already stored from you online.

Even only being in possession of a fake ID without using it can be a crime in many countries around the world.

Delayed birth certificate

Another method some people use is to apply for a delayed birth certificate. The basic idea behind that method is that you are claiming you have been living off grid your entire life and your parents never registered you at birth.

It is very difficult to make a believable case for a ‘Delayed Certificate of Birth Registration‘ with your local government office.

There are many methods of changing your identity, however most of them are illegal and will get you jail time.

Living below the radar or off grid has become extremely difficult. In the last 20 years the government has turned our country into the loan surveillance society. Whatever we do and whenever we do it stays recorded. Privacy seems to be a thing of the past. It has been very convenient for the political elite to use terrorism as an excuse to track our movements and our actions around the clock.

In the past, the government had to install bugs or other surveillance equipment in order to spy on us. Now we all carry smart phones with us all the time, so controlling our movements and listening to what we say has become incredibly easy.

If you believe that the US constitution is protecting you, think again. Today’s politicians do not respect or care about our Constitution anymore.

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