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How does big brother spy on us?

Since 911 the world has changed. There are thousands of conspiracy theories on how 911 benefited governments around the world to implement new laws enabling them to spy on their citizen without even needing a court order.

EchelonThere are billions of phone conversations, emails or text based chats taking place every day on this planet. The National Security Agency (NSA) is using facilities like Echolon to intercept and evaluate communications between individuals.

The real challenge the NSA is facing that there is too much data to be evaluated manually. Many people think that certain keywords e.g. “bombe….” would trigger a manual review. Actually it would not trigger a review. Suicide bombers might not be the smartest people on earth, still they are smart enough to be aware of that their communications could be intercepted. It’s very popular with terrorists to use code words to keep their communications secret from outsiders.

How can the NSA evaluate so much information?

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How To Disappear

Let me help you with your desire to disappear. I don’t know your exact reason. But if you are being abused, I can tell you – indeed, assure you – that the cops can’t help you as much as you expect them to.

I’ve been to jails and I’ve witnessed that most people who had broken restraining orders spent just a couple of weeks inside.  After that, they were freed. It also seems that putting them under a restraining order just added fuel to the fire. Once they get out of prison, they are surely coming after you for putting them there. The sad fact is that piece of paper which contains the so-called “restraining order” couldn’t protect you at all. What’s even sadder is that the police can’t protect you 24/7. So what is the solution? Find your way to guard yourself.  Act on your own.

First and foremost, let me formally introduce myself. My name is David, a simple guy who has been to jail before. I wasn’t incarcerated just once, but several times. I was put in the Federal Bureau of Prisons and have also been in the Department of Corrections because IRS did not like my tax returns.  If I don’t sound convincing, then look my name up on their online database.

When I hid from the Federal Government and from the cops, I was able to do it successfully.

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