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How To Vanish?

Many people decide to vanish as they don’t see any other solution to their problems. I came across this topic, because a good friend of mine (Lisa) had to decide between changing her identity or leaving a life full of fear.

Why do so many people decide to disappear?
  1. Hide from debt collectors.
  2. Avoid child support.
  3. Hide properties, vehicles, money and investments from loan companies.
  4. Stop stalkers from stalking harassing and abusing you.

She was a stalker victim. He followed her everywhere, Lisa could not escape him. Every time she tried to vanish and changed her phone number or address the stalker always found her within a couple of days. The man issue was that the stalker had good contacts within the police. Lisa tried several times to get into some kind of victim protection program and change her identity. However, it did not work. He was always there, what ever she did. Changing her identity officially did not work, she had to find a different way.

The Police who should have been there to ‘protect and server’ was not able to help assist her. She was forced to help her self and find a way how she can change her identity without the involvement of any government agency.

Lisa had no other choice to protect her self from the stalker than choosing this way.

How to vanish?

I believe in her case, she did the right think. I would not encourage anyone Continue reading How To Vanish?