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Debt nightmare

I am a person with many different names but you can call me Tom. You see my story begins about five years ago when I had trouble finding a job just out of college. I was not the best student but I was not the worst and with the recession

No one wanted to hire me with just a college education and a 2.8 GPA. With too many student loans to pay for and a baby on the way, I tried to do things the right way.

A child is expensive and with my wife caring for the child during pregnancy and birth, I was responsible for the school loans and the medical bills. You see there were complications at birth. Our baby boy was born premature. He survived and thank god for that everyday but our bills and our debt was through the roof. Especially since our son needed constant medical treatment through the first days of his life and for the first few years too. Continue reading Debt nightmare


The Debt Trap I Have Experienced

Most experts say that having debts or loans is just normal for business and for ordinary people. I believed in it until my current situation proved that I have already gone overboard.

To provide a preview of my debt problem, it’s now rounding at $230,000 and still compounding because of interests.

My debt story began when I was about to enter college. I have dreamed of pursuing an art degree since I was in high school. But to be able to get the best training and attend to the best schools, I had to sign up and avail a student loan. The loan also provided that needed financial help because my family didn’t have enough money to send me to college. The grant accorded to me at that time was $75,000. That amount paid for my tuition and some minute expenses related to school. Continue reading The Debt Trap I Have Experienced