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How To Surf 100% Anonymously And Keep Your Identity Safe

We are losing more and more of our basic civil rights in the name of “fighting terrorism”. Whatever we do, we are being watched. The moment you connect to the internet you share a lot more information with your internet provider and government than you are aware of.

Every website you visit, email you send, and everything you do online is recorded by your internet provider. The government has unlimited access to this database.

In the good old days, people used proxy servers to access the internet anonymously. However, this does not work anymore.

Nowadays, people like to use Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to gain 100% anonymity online. Accessing a VPN network from your computer is like creating a tunnel between your computer and a 3rd party server. All data sent and received is encrypted and passed through a virtual tunnel so nobody can see the data sent inside this tunnel.

I have tested many VPN providers over the years; the main issue is that most of them only provide very slow access to the internet. Be careful to choose only trustworthy and legitimate providers e.g. DooVPN.com.

I have used DooVPN for a couple of years now and I have never had any issues. Big Brother is watching you everywhere, so don’t be another victim of online surveillance gone too far.