Debt And Identity Change

Have you ever experienced not being able to pay for your credit card bill or home mortgage on time? Then you would know how credit collectors tend to haunt you in every possible way from your home land-line, to work and to make sure that they can reach you wherever you are, your cell phone too. 


However, the hassles of not being able to pay for your debt spans way more than that. To begin with, banks share certain information, including the names of the bad borrowers. Hence, if you are unable to pay for your debt in one bank, you can be sure that you are as good as blacklisted in all the other banks as well. (more…)


Change of Identity Due to Debt

I always found it puzzling why someone would want to change their identity after years until I needed to do it too because I had so much debt that I could not repay.


One thing that I can assure you is that the decision to change my ID was a culmination of not being able to continue living under pressure like a fugitive. Ultimately, the process of changing my name to escape from debt meant making sacrifice. I am sure at this point you want to know if the decision to get a new identity and starting all over was more risky compared to facing my debtors. The truth is yes; therefore, I needed to be smart to succeed in this venture because there are consequences for such a move hence the need to ensure utmost discretion. (more…)


I changed my identity to run away from credit

A huge debt burden can usually mess up with the rational thinking of an individual. This is exactly what happened to me when I attempted to change my identity to escape the wrath of creditors.


Reeling from a loan repayment that never seemed to get any closer to settlement and a credit card burdens, I felt that the only way out for me to have a chance to continue living would be through a change of identity. (more…)


Escape from Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is horrible trap to fall into. Many people do not realize that their uncontrolled spending habits are pushing them into a trap laid down by the creditors and credit card companies.

debt-2892Many times people come under so much debt that they have to be creative to escape from the clutches of credit card companies. No matter how many moments you spend in peace, if you have a huge problem of debt on your head, you will not be able to enjoy your time.

Changing the Identity: A New Face

Well, changing the identity becomes an obvious choice, if you are charged with credit card fraud. This can certainly bring your life back on track. But it is easier said than done. Jacob Crawford is one such person. Very little information is available on his previous identity. People like him are changing their identities for a number of reasons. Just search for change identity and you will find a million search results. But no person will come forward to claim that he/she has changed his identity. But Jacob Crawford is an exception. And he guides people on changing their identities through his personal blog. A rare feat indeed.

Escape Debt: Change Identity

Sometimes the option to disappear seems the best option out there. In case of Jacob Crawford, he chose this option to escape the crushing debt he was under. There are many things to consider when you change your identity to get away from your problems. This can be quite hard a task to pull off. But the right person, like Andrew Hambrick have pulled it off quite easily and guides other individuals also. Remember, if you are caught, you will be tried and tested in a court of law in your respective country.



How to escape a stalker with a new identity

A new identity might help stalking victims to find safety. The high level privacy tactic has shown to be effective and it has been used in the past to protect women who had become victims of stalkers.


It is highly necessary to take stalking crimes seriously and working towards a means to protect the privacy when harassment starts. (more…)


Why Do So Many People Get A New Identity?

There is a philosophical relationship between identity and change. Many people change their identities because they know it’s the simple and effective way to get rid of old personal and financial issues.

new-identityThese people create a complete new identity for themselves so that they can enjoy second chance with new opportunities. Economic recession is one of the main reasons that force people to move on the track of changing identity.

Identity Change is often termed as identity theft, it’s a kind of crime where a criminal gets  hold of all important information regarding credit card numbers, driving license number, social security number in order to assume someone else’s identity. Getting a completely new identity is not a small issue but changing identity or copying someone’s information may lead to many frauds, scams, terrorist attacks, etc. Relatives, close friends, servant, delivery boys are often the culprit and you should be alert while using your computer in public or while accessing the internet.

Who needs a new identity?

Most of the people associated with criminal or terrorist groups often fell change their identity. These criminals steal the identity of others and sometimes change their own in order to spread terror.

Bankrupts or loan defaulters also change their identity because this way they can hide their self from a bank or police. Many banks and financial institutions are now creating departments particularly for combating this type of crime.

Business competitors or enemy may hare identity theft to harm you either personally or professionally. As business competitors have same business, therefore they can make use of your business secrets.

How to save yourself from identity theft (more…)


How To Change Your Identity To Escape Debt

There are many people in the world who want to change their identity. If you are one of them, you should continue reading this article. You may want to change your identity to escape debt.

Although, the process is not easy, you can still use these simple tips to do so. Some people are able to escape from their debts by following these simple tips. However, you have to be very careful in doing so.



1. Change your name secretly


This is the first step that you have to do. You can change your name without telling anybody else. Do not make any mistakes by changing your name via deed poll, statutory declaration, or public notices. You can be traced easily by using all of those methods. Your name can be the most important thing that you should change when you want to change identity. Find a new name that does not have any correlation with your old name. Make sure that everyone is not able to relate your new name with your old name. Replacing your name can be the best option to hide from the debt collectors.


2. Move to another place


You should also move to another place if you want to change your identity. In most cases, the debt collectors are going to come to your house to force you to pay your debt. When you move to another places, they are not able to find you. It is important to move to another place secretly. You should not tell anybody that you are moving. Try to move to the small city because debt collectors are not able to find you in a small city. Introduce yourself to your new neighbors with your new name. Do not tell anybody the reason why you move to that place.


3. Remove all your documents


It is also important to remove all documents that use your former name. Try to trash all documents, including driving license, social security card, passport, ATM, or any other personal documents. You should also remove all your identity online. You can remove all documents on the Internet, such as Facebook account, Twitter account, email account, and many more. Make sure that people cannot trace you. Do not leave any documents that contain your name on it. This is one of the most important steps that you have to do to change identity.


4. Find a job


You can earn income by finding a job. However, you may be underpaid because you do not have any legal documents. This is the best step that you have to do in order to continue your life. You can’t earn any money without working on somebody. In applying for jobs, you have to make sure that you use your new name. Forget about your former name. Do not use your former name at all when you are applying for the new jobs. It is important to be very careful when finding jobs. You should not apply for big companies because they are not going to give you jobs if you do not have any legal documents. Try to apply for small companies or restaurants to get small income for your living costs.


5. Apply for the Certification of Naturalization after several years


If you want to get legal documentations, you can apply for the Certification of Naturalization after several years. Different countries have different regulations. Most of them are able to give you this certification after several years. You should keep your secret of your former identity. After getting your new identity, you should not do the same mistake as before. You should become a good citizen in your country. It is not easy to change identity illegally. Therefore, you have to keep your new name as good as possible.


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