Changing Your Identity Due To Accumulation Of Heavy Debt

Debt is simply defined as something owed and while the term debt is usually used in reference to money though sometimes it could be that an individual owes goods or failure to render a particular service to someone that might have paid for it.


Debt could be public debt, sovereign debt, internal debt or external debt all which

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How To Escape The Shackles Of Debt

Andrew (changed his name to protect his identity) was like most people, he worked hard and wanted his piece of the American dream.


Andrew and his wife Michelle had 2 children and wanted a home of their own instead of living in a 2-bedroom apartment so when they came across a real estate agent offering rent to own opportunities they were really interested. The way the rent to own deal Continue reading How To Escape The Shackles Of Debt

How Gambling Debt Destroyed My Life

George Freeman, how I wish I this was my identity. An identity that will bring me peace and joy that I have lost over the past years in my life. A name that would finally make me feel like a new born baby. But is not that simple. How I wish I could change my identity.


James Walker is my name. I have lived a life of wealth but now tasting what we call the “hide and seek of life”. I am having all what one would want in life to be happy, but still I am a sad and restless person. I just wanted to change my identity to start a new life. A new life in that no one would recognize me by my old identity. I just wanted to change everything about me ranging from my name, location, and properties I own, and even if I could my family because I was in a deep debt. Continue reading How Gambling Debt Destroyed My Life

Forced to change my identity due to the fact I was in debt

Debts are common, and no one I know would say they do not have a debtor had a debt. The problem with debt is never paying them on time or not paying at all. I personally have learnt that having debts is not good, especially a lot of debt, and I learned the hard way.



From a young age, I started having debts. I would borrow anytime I would have any problem, and the worst thing about me is that I would spend over the budget and beyond the lifestyle I was leaving. Continue reading Forced to change my identity due to the fact I was in debt

Identity Change: Is this the Answer to My Financial Woes?

It seemed just like yesterday. I was planning my next vacation, visiting dealerships in search of a new car, and enjoying a wide array of gadgets that made me the envy of my friends and colleagues.


Money was never a problem. I had a good job that sustained my luxurious lifestyle. If only I can say the same now. Two years ago, I was handed down the pink slip. Continue reading Identity Change: Is this the Answer to My Financial Woes?

The Guy Who Escaped His Identity

Today I am meeting Dave for an interview. He his 33 years old and escaped a life full of drugs and crime. He went to jail so may times he can not even remember. He tried pretty much any drug out there that can be bought illegally. In his mid twenties he decided to change his identity and start over. I met him in the first week of 2014 on the Philippine island of Cebu.


Roberts: Hi Dave, nice to meet you. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me. How the hell did you end up here in the Philippines? Continue reading The Guy Who Escaped His Identity

Fed Up with Gang Life: New Identity Wanted

I am fed up with my current life. I have never been so messed up or confused and scared in my entire existence as when my life with the gang started. Before, I thought it was the solution to all my problems. The gang gave me a family; I always had a “brother” to turn to whenever things got sour; I had a social life and an identity. I had a home.

But almost as soon as I was in, what I found was the complete opposite. From the day I joined, nothing seemed right anymore. Every day was a plunge deeper into darkness, and as each day passes, my hope for redemption further wanes.


I started seeing my “brothers” as the thugs that they actually were. They don’t really care for me; they just needed another body to feed into their fight and to be used as cannon fodder. Continue reading Fed Up with Gang Life: New Identity Wanted

I Am Making $8 an Hour

I am 42 years old. I was 18 when I started to work at Taco Bells. When I joined I had big dreams. The promised me if you work hard in a couple of years you will be store manager. 24 years later I am still making tacos in the kitchen.


I have two lovely daughters and a beautiful wife. I am making with overtime about $1000, we are lucky we can afford our trailer park home.  I make barely enough to put food on table. If I wanted to earn the same amount our CEO makes a year, I would need to work for 930 years. Or to put it in perspective, 930 Taco Bells workers combined earn what the CEO makes. Continue reading I Am Making $8 an Hour