Many people are creating a new identity for themselves these days so they can get a second chance at life. A chance to run away with personal problems.

The only way to get that second chance is to create a completely new identity legally in a new name with a clean new credit record and with all complete documents. This is the only way to effectively escape your past problems and live your new life safe, secure and worry-free. But most of them make many mistakes while doing it.

Unaware of the government role

Some people make an identity change without letting the government do it for them. You neglect the fact that the government plays a very important role in this matter. It provides the pertinent documents needed to change your SSN. Social Security offices usually asked some documents issued by the government. You can make a complete legal identity change only with the help of government by letting them know and witness your present situation, as in the case of abused or identity thieft, but only if there are no other possible ways to solve you crisis.
Settling with fake ids and forged documents

Many new identity-changers make the mistake of buying fake ID. Though forged identification documents may look authentic, they’ll never pass an on-line verification so they’re of very limited use in the building of a new identity There are plenty of fake id sites on the web with great looking sample drivers licenses but they are not reliable. A fake ID will fail every time. And today online verification is popping up all over the place. Some bars are even equipping their bouncers with handheld online satellite verification terminals.
Leaving Bad Debts Behind
Many people who are forced to abandon an old identity get greedy and run up their credit card debt or even report themselves dead and then have a relative collect on their life insurance. This is both foolish and completely illegal!
It’s a simple fact that no matter how hard you try to eliminate links between your old self and your new self, you’ll never be able to create your new identity without leaving behind at least a few subtle ties. Walking away from a debt-free identity is the only way to go. It minimizes the number of people looking for you. A new identity can only be truly secure if you’ve done everything you can to reduce the number of people searching for you.
Sharing the secret

This is probably the single most important problem you’ll face. After you’ve created your new identity – keep it a complete secret. Trust no one! Move to another place and far from your friends and even family. Remember you are totally a new person and bragging it would link to your old self. Sharing your little secret is a dangerous thing to do as anyone who knows will have an extraordinary degree of power over you as they’ll easily be able to expose you. You simply cannot relax and be secure in your new life unless it’s a complete secret.