19 thoughts on “Most Common ‘Identity Change’ Mistakes

  1. If I would calculate how much money I lost because of interest and late payment penalties, it’s thousands and thousands of dollars.

  2. For us stay away from the problem of changing our identity, names, bank records and other personal data is to be good. We don’t have anything to worry about if we are good.

  3. I just could not imagine that people would opt to change their identity for the above-mentioned reasons. The true resolution to this is, settle your debts the best way you can. Nothing is more satisfying than having known you have settled all your obligations and have not abused anyone.

  4. Indeed, this will cause a BIGGER trouble for those who are in this phase of situations. But I ever wonder too that this things, stuffs, changing of identity is really possible and does really exist? Well, I mean in movies I believe it does but in real life, I doubt. And it really amazes me to know that there are even what to dos and how to do it for the subject, and oh well, mistakes exist thereof.

  5. Well, changing your identity is very difficult process. There are a lot of things you have to deal with, just make sure that the new identity you will be using has a clear record or else you will inherit the criminal records or debt of your new identity if you’re not cautious.

  6. If you wish to change your identity, do it legally. But if you’re going to settle for fake documents and id, eventually it will lead to a bigger problem.If you’ll do this just to leave behind a bad debt, why don’t you face your problem and call the financial company to ask for an assistance. I’m sure they have a program for people like you that offers payment arrangement.

  7. It depends for which country you are living. Some country are strict when it comes into changing your name in your birth certificate. You must have a valid reason when changing your name plus it is expensive.

  8. I don’t think Identity change is even possible for us. Every nook and cranny of the city’s full of camera’s. Even when I go out of my unit, there’s already a camera. I can’t even pretend to be a businessman when I go out of my apartment simply because the other tenants know me. So how’s that possible?

  9. Buying a fake identity has another problem too – you never know how many people got sold that same ID. You could have the same papers as a dozen other people, and could even wind up on the same flight as them someday.

  10. Is it really possible to change one’s identity? I mean, I think some criminals can escape their liabilities with this and they can do whatever they want to do with their new identities. It’s like refreshing and erasing all your records.

  11. My sympathies go out to people who need to go to these lengths for a second chance. Still, there seems to be some good tips here for how to do it.

  12. These are actually some of the most common identity change mistakes that is happening in different people. Changing identity is not easy most especially when it comes to these cases. Debts can be prevented and you should really be protecting your identity,

  13. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or bad thing. It seems this could definitely be abused. Though I guess it’s great for those who want to just run away and never be found again. Leave the past behind type thing.

  14. Well you can get new identity, but government will still tie it up to your existing one, so in reality you won’t change much, but have a tons of paper work to fill out

  15. Need to acquire current legal drivers license trying it by standards required in IL. Virtually impossible please help!

  16. When I was young I lost my way and I ended up having a lot of problems with police. I have been in prison and I served my debt to society. I also learned from my mistakes. Having said that, my history still follows me every step of the way. I think I deserve a second change in my life.

  17. Is it really achievable to get a new Identity legally? I will give it a try. I think I just would seriously feel like a new individual. With all this debt behind me.

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