Let me help you with your desire to disappear. I don’t know your exact reason. But if you are being abused, I can tell you – indeed, assure you – that the cops can’t help you as much as you expect them to.

I’ve been to jails and I’ve witnessed that most people who had broken restraining orders spent just a couple of weeks inside.  After that, they were freed. It also seems that putting them under a restraining order just added fuel to the fire. Once they get out of prison, they are surely coming after you for putting them there. The sad fact is that piece of paper which contains the so-called “restraining order” couldn’t protect you at all. What’s even sadder is that the police can’t protect you 24/7. So what is the solution? Find your way to guard yourself.  Act on your own.

First and foremost, let me formally introduce myself. My name is David, a simple guy who has been to jail before. I wasn’t incarcerated just once, but several times. I was put in the Federal Bureau of Prisons and have also been in the Department of Corrections because IRS did not like my tax returns.  If I don’t sound convincing, then look my name up on their online database.

When I hid from the Federal Government and from the cops, I was able to do it successfully.

I lived a normal life without having the worries of being caught up in the middle of something. If I could live invisible and hide from the US Marshalls, how much tougher is it hiding from an abuser or someone who wants to kick your ass? I can guarantee you that this person or these people you are hiding from aren’t as meticulous or smart as the US Government. However, if you are genuinely hiding from the US government, I don’t know what to say. If you are a killer, I still don’t know what to say. I’m so glad to say that I have already paid my debt to society. In order for me to enjoy my rights and freedom, I had to be responsible of my wrongdoings. I didn’t surrender myself, but I was caught. I was caught because I became too complacent. It came to the point that I was living normally like the other people around me.

I was able to keep in touch with my family, relatives, and friends. I told them my whereabouts and that was perhaps one of the things that I shouldn’t have done. One of my friends spilled the beans to the authorities, but I can’t blame him anymore, since I’m enjoying my freedom once againI won’t say that what you are about to learn is helpful, because hiding isn’t easy… not at all. Nevertheless, I want to make things as simple as possible. For me to be able to live incognito, I purchased so many books on “How To Disappear”. I wouldn’t say that all of them were the same or unsuccessful in my case, but most were nonsense. I had the books “The Paper Trip 1”, “The Paper Trip II”, “The Paper Trip III”, “The ID Master”, “How to Disappear in America”, “Tactics of ‘How To Disappear’  Professionals”, and so much more. But nothing worked. So I thought that I had to figure this out on my own, since these books appeared to me as obsolete.

We already live in the 21st century and yet, if you would read the contents of these books, you would be disappointed with their 20th Century solutions. It would tell you to cut out an ID size picture of yours and paste it on a driver’s license or, worse yet, even suggest that you make copies of your birth certificate and change the information on it. Do you think you can get away with that? Perhaps if the person you are presenting it to isn’t too bright or if he is around 80 years old, but how often is that going to happen?.

I’m not boasting about what I know. I’m just letting you know that I was able to hide successfully and with the methods I used. You won’t just get a legitimate ID but also have the opportunity to get a car and insurance. Not only that, I had a place to live, I landed a job, and I lived completely under the radar…and so can you.  You don’t have to buy and read so many books to find out what would work for you because I already did. It’s just waste of time and money. Thus, I will include all the helpful information I gained from those books…only the practical, ideal, and beneficial stuff, not the crap.

These bits of useful methods and my comprehensive experiments and research on living anonymously are compiled in this single ‘Change ID Bible’ book. These are a lot easier, safer, and unique! Lastly, these ways are legal and they work in just any situation.

Okay, so let me start by giving you a wee bit of spoiler. I discovered this on my own and I’m sure none of the other books out there can tell you this. Any person who is born in America has a God given right to assume an identity of his own choosing, any time he wants. The law even states that every person may change or add new identities they like during their lives. I’m not talking about the Change of Legal Name process. That has to be done in the court and there are documents which have to be passed. If you want to learn more about having a couple of names, then you have got to read the book. That’s just one of the facts I can share you.

Again, all the information stated here are true and legal. You’ll enjoy your God given right to your own life and start by having a new identity.  When you have to disappear, you can stay and live anonymously as long as you want to, unless you tell others your whereabouts. Sometimes the only thing that puts us in danger is our own mouth. So be careful on who to trust and what to say to people.

I am confident about these facts that I’ve stated here, so if you want to start now and learn more about this book, check out ChangeIDbible.com. Today counts and every minute is important. All it takes is the courage to try.