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Tips on How to Disappear And Live Under The Radar

Nowadays its almost impossible to live without being monitored by the state or other government organs such as law enforcement agents.


Are you tired of bank following you up to clear your debs or are you out on a bail and wish to disappear and start all over again? Here is a guide of some things that you must do to keep these nagging agencies off your back.

However, before going to the list its important that you plan your escape properly and in details for about three months, change your appearance significantly and close your personal accounts which include banks, email addresses, social media accounts, clean your computers hard disk of all personal information and finally carry some money with you. Continue reading Tips on How to Disappear And Live Under The Radar


New Personal Identity

Many kids sometimes wish that they were someone else – a fairy tale character, a comic hero or a favorite adult – all in the spirit of “pretend.” When these same kids grow up and become adults, some of them still wish they were someone else for one reason or another.

The reasons for the desire for a new identity may range from wanting to run away from debtors, to escape from an abusive relationship, or to slip away from the arms of the law or from the capos of organized crime. The quest for a new identity may also stem from a desire to start things anew, in a new place, a new job, under a new set of circumstances like being reborn as an adult, like getting out of your own skin and putting on an entirely new identity, just like donning a new outfit.

If you are one of these people, you should be aware that the government does not allow its citizens to just effect an identity change unless you are placed under the Witness Protection Program. However, you may be allowed to voluntarily apply for a new identity by simply changing your name and moving to a new neighborhood. In this case, however, your new name will still be linked to your old one Continue reading New Personal Identity

How To Disappear

Let me help you with your desire to disappear. I don’t know your exact reason. But if you are being abused, I can tell you – indeed, assure you – that the cops can’t help you as much as you expect them to.

I’ve been to jails and I’ve witnessed that most people who had broken restraining orders spent just a couple of weeks inside.  After that, they were freed. It also seems that putting them under a restraining order just added fuel to the fire. Once they get out of prison, they are surely coming after you for putting them there. The sad fact is that piece of paper which contains the so-called “restraining order” couldn’t protect you at all. What’s even sadder is that the police can’t protect you 24/7. So what is the solution? Find your way to guard yourself.  Act on your own.

First and foremost, let me formally introduce myself. My name is David, a simple guy who has been to jail before. I wasn’t incarcerated just once, but several times. I was put in the Federal Bureau of Prisons and have also been in the Department of Corrections because IRS did not like my tax returns.  If I don’t sound convincing, then look my name up on their online database.

When I hid from the Federal Government and from the cops, I was able to do it successfully.

I lived a normal life without having the worries of being caught up in the middle of something. Continue reading How To Disappear

Can You Get a New Identity Legally?

What could be the reasons why more  and more people are changing their identity these days. They are doing it for various reasons. They’re doing it because they know that it’s the only real way to walk away from their personal problems. They’re creating a new identity for themselves so they can get a second chance at life.

The only way to get that second chance is to create a completely new identity – in a new name with a clean new credit record and full set of genuine documents. But there are many important steps to follow to have a clean identity change.

The very first step is to determine who you want to be. Determine what will you do for a living and what kind of job you will be in or what kind of business you will venture. Unless you are independently wealthy, you’ll have to think of your income. Decide where will you live, if you are a female decide on whom you will marry, what will be your attitude towards everything, and what lifestyle you will choose.

Continue reading Can You Get a New Identity Legally?

How To Vanish?

Many people decide to vanish as they don’t see any other solution to their problems. I came across this topic, because a good friend of mine (Lisa) had to decide between changing her identity or leaving a life full of fear.

Why do so many people decide to disappear?
  1. Hide from debt collectors.
  2. Avoid child support.
  3. Hide properties, vehicles, money and investments from loan companies.
  4. Stop stalkers from stalking harassing and abusing you.

She was a stalker victim. He followed her everywhere, Lisa could not escape him. Every time she tried to vanish and changed her phone number or address the stalker always found her within a couple of days. The man issue was that the stalker had good contacts within the police. Lisa tried several times to get into some kind of victim protection program and change her identity. However, it did not work. He was always there, what ever she did. Changing her identity officially did not work, she had to find a different way.

The Police who should have been there to ‘protect and server’ was not able to help assist her. She was forced to help her self and find a way how she can change her identity without the involvement of any government agency.

Lisa had no other choice to protect her self from the stalker than choosing this way.

How to vanish?

I believe in her case, she did the right think. I would not encourage anyone Continue reading How To Vanish?