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Is Still Possible To Change Your Identity

More and more people choose to live below the radar or change their identity to escape the surveillance society we are slowly moving towards to.


Our privacy is more and more being violated by governments around the world who do not respect our personal privacy and freedom anymore. Even in “free” countries like to the United States, we start to lose privacy at an unprecedented speed. In most cases, the loss of privacy is justified by fighting crime or combating terrorism. However, the real reason for stepping up surveillance is that the government wants to take control of every aspect of our lives. Continue reading Is Still Possible To Change Your Identity


How To Disappear Completely and Start From Scratch

Disappearing takes some nerve and a strong heart. It also needs someone who is scheming, and very discreet, so that their cover doesn’t get blown up.


If I wanted to disappear, the most basic rule I’d follow is to keep it to myself. This is the one decision I cannot afford to share with my close friends and family unless I want to make their search mission an easy one. Continue reading How To Disappear Completely and Start From Scratch

How To Disappear Without Trace

The world is a beautiful place in itself, but people can make it be such a horrible place to live in. In such cases, you always feel like the only option you have is going off the grid.njkasd2

Think about difficult cases like Edward Snowden’s case, whereby the guilty go free and disapproval goes to the good guys. If you have been faced with a similar case, you may have tried disappearing many times without success. There are many effective ways you can do this. Read on if you are in such a situation. Continue reading How To Disappear Without Trace

How To Escape the Surveillance Society

With the development of technology it is easy to access to one’s credentials through the internet, bank accounts, mail addresses and identification cards even without their knowledge of it.


In as much as everyone likes their privacy and prefers not be under someone’s watch all the time, with the governments in place nowadays and the entire world, it may become hard to do this without using some cunning but efficient methods. Below are tips that can help you stay under the radar: Continue reading How To Escape the Surveillance Society

Tips on How to Disappear And Live Under The Radar

Nowadays its almost impossible to live without being monitored by the state or other government organs such as law enforcement agents.


Are you tired of bank following you up to clear your debs or are you out on a bail and wish to disappear and start all over again? Here is a guide of some things that you must do to keep these nagging agencies off your back.

However, before going to the list its important that you plan your escape properly and in details for about three months, change your appearance significantly and close your personal accounts which include banks, email addresses, social media accounts, clean your computers hard disk of all personal information and finally carry some money with you. Continue reading Tips on How to Disappear And Live Under The Radar

How To Vanish

Do you need to alter your identity? This is normally a consequence of trying to evade the law, a stalker, a seething ex or organized crime.


This process could be exceptionally protracted and warrant a great deal of time and energy on your part. Be that as it may, a huge number of prominent people have successfully undergone identity transformation, and you can as well. Adhere to the detailed guidelines below, and in a short period of time you’ll be safely living under a new identity. Continue reading How To Vanish

How an Abused Woman Can Escape their Abusive Husband

Some women suffer a lot in the hands of the same people who are supposed to be their protectors.


Some husbands have turned not to be the protectors they are supposed to be but wife batterers. One of the greatest nightmares for a woman is living with man who mistreats her. Mistreatment is a lighter word compared to what some women undergo in the hands of their husbands. Continue reading How an Abused Woman Can Escape their Abusive Husband

Top 5 Reasons To Live Under The Radar

People choose to live under the radar for many reason. Changing your identity is now legal unless you are doing it for deceptive or fraudulent purposes.


If your change of identity will result in financial losses of a third party, that is termed as illegal. If you are running away from the past or for any other reason, changing your identity is quite easy.

The following are the TOP FIVE reasons why people change their identity: Continue reading Top 5 Reasons To Live Under The Radar