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Change of Identity due to Debt

Debt is a deadly trap. You can only know of how true this statement is if you are in the situation I am in today. For many years, I have accumulated debts that are currently unbearable.


I was very ambitious when I was introduced into retail business after finishing college. Things began well for me and I was making some good amount from my retail business. Continue reading Change of Identity due to Debt


Changing Your Identity Due To Accumulation Of Heavy Debt

Debt is simply defined as something owed and while the term debt is usually used in reference to money though sometimes it could be that an individual owes goods or failure to render a particular service to someone that might have paid for it.


Debt could be public debt, sovereign debt, internal debt or external debt all which

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How To Escape The Shackles Of Debt

Andrew (changed his name to protect his identity) was like most people, he worked hard and wanted his piece of the American dream.


Andrew and his wife Michelle had 2 children and wanted a home of their own instead of living in a 2-bedroom apartment so when they came across a real estate agent offering rent to own opportunities they were really interested. The way the rent to own deal Continue reading How To Escape The Shackles Of Debt

How Gambling Debt Destroyed My Life

George Freeman, how I wish I this was my identity. An identity that will bring me peace and joy that I have lost over the past years in my life. A name that would finally make me feel like a new born baby. But is not that simple. How I wish I could change my identity.


James Walker is my name. I have lived a life of wealth but now tasting what we call the “hide and seek of life”. I am having all what one would want in life to be happy, but still I am a sad and restless person. I just wanted to change my identity to start a new life. A new life in that no one would recognize me by my old identity. I just wanted to change everything about me ranging from my name, location, and properties I own, and even if I could my family because I was in a deep debt. Continue reading How Gambling Debt Destroyed My Life

Debt And Identity Change

Have you ever experienced not being able to pay for your credit card bill or home mortgage on time? Then you would know how credit collectors tend to haunt you in every possible way from your home land-line, to work and to make sure that they can reach you wherever you are, your cell phone too. 


However, the hassles of not being able to pay for your debt spans way more than that. To begin with, banks share certain information, including the names of the bad borrowers. Hence, if you are unable to pay for your debt in one bank, you can be sure that you are as good as blacklisted in all the other banks as well. Continue reading Debt And Identity Change

Why Do So Many People Get A New Identity?

There is a philosophical relationship between identity and change. Many people change their identities because they know it’s the simple and effective way to get rid of old personal and financial issues.

new-identityThese people create a complete new identity for themselves so that they can enjoy second chance with new opportunities. Economic recession is one of the main reasons that force people to move on the track of changing identity.

Identity Change is often termed as identity theft, it’s a kind of crime where a criminal gets  hold of all important information regarding credit card numbers, driving license number, social security number in order to assume someone else’s identity. Getting a completely new identity is not a small issue but changing identity or copying someone’s information may lead to many frauds, scams, terrorist attacks, etc. Relatives, close friends, servant, delivery boys are often the culprit and you should be alert while using your computer in public or while accessing the internet.

Who needs a new identity?

Most of the people associated with criminal or terrorist groups often fell change their identity. These criminals steal the identity of others and sometimes change their own in order to spread terror. Continue reading Why Do So Many People Get A New Identity?

How To Change Your Identity To Escape Debt

There are many people in the world who want to change their identity. If you are one of them, you should continue reading this article. You may want to change your identity to escape debt.

Although, the process is not easy, you can still use these simple tips to do so. Some people are able to escape from their debts by following these simple tips. However, you have to be very careful in doing so.


1. Change your name secretly

This is the first step that you have to do. You can change your name without telling anybody else. Do not make any mistakes by changing your name via deed poll, statutory declaration, or public notices. Continue reading How To Change Your Identity To Escape Debt

Escape Debt With a New Identity?

When I first logged on and saw my credit report and the damage I had done to it, I was shocked. I knew that I had maxed out a couple of credit cards and had some old unpaid loans, but I had no idea that I was now hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

I panicked as I realized that there was no way I would be able to repay these debts with the meager minimum wage salary that I earned. My credit score was about as low as it could get and none of my relatives would agree to loan me any more money at this point. I was all on my own and needed to find a way to get myself out of this situation that I had gotten into.


I thought about filing for bankruptcy, but the process seemed so long and complicated. I had no idea where to even begin. I called around to a few lawyers, but never really received the help that I was looking for. Then one day I was watching a movie where a guy changes his entire identity and starts over with an entirely new life. I wondered if I could do something like that and be able to start a new, debt-free life. If I could live my life all over again with a clean slate, I would certainly do a lot of things differently.

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Avoiding Debt By Changing Your Identity

Debt is deadly trap. Once it reaches its critical mass, life spins out of control. When faced by an extremely large amount of outstanding debt, people inevitably seek solutions to their problem that they might not consider otherwise.

Even shady practices are not off the table when your financial situation is being destroyed by money owed to banks, credit card companies, private creditors and even people that might not think twice about putting your life in danger.

During such time, some may start to wonder if changing their identity can become the permanent solution they so desperately seek.


Will Changing Your Identity Help Avoid Creditors?

There is no easy answer to that question.

While changing your identity and escaping creditors may seem like a scenario straight out of a Hollywood movie, it may become a possibility depending on the situation. To get to the bottom of this, we would have to consider the different types of situations in which such a need may arise. Continue reading Avoiding Debt By Changing Your Identity

Debt nightmare

I am a person with many different names but you can call me Tom. You see my story begins about five years ago when I had trouble finding a job just out of college. I was not the best student but I was not the worst and with the recession

No one wanted to hire me with just a college education and a 2.8 GPA. With too many student loans to pay for and a baby on the way, I tried to do things the right way.

A child is expensive and with my wife caring for the child during pregnancy and birth, I was responsible for the school loans and the medical bills. You see there were complications at birth. Our baby boy was born premature. He survived and thank god for that everyday but our bills and our debt was through the roof. Especially since our son needed constant medical treatment through the first days of his life and for the first few years too. Continue reading Debt nightmare