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How an Abused Woman Can Escape their Abusive Husband

Some women suffer a lot in the hands of the same people who are supposed to be their protectors.


Some husbands have turned not to be the protectors they are supposed to be but wife batterers. One of the greatest nightmares for a woman is living with man who mistreats her. Mistreatment is a lighter word compared to what some women undergo in the hands of their husbands. Continue reading How an Abused Woman Can Escape their Abusive Husband


I Had To Change My Identity To Escape My Abusive Husband

“According to recent research, 29% of young women are either in an abusive relationship or have been in one.

abuse-victimMost of them do not seek help, because they are scared of their partners, they claim to be in love or the few who are so passive that they do not even know something wrong is being done to them.

Continue reading I Had To Change My Identity To Escape My Abusive Husband

How to escape a stalker with a new identity

A new identity might help stalking victims to find safety. The high level privacy tactic has shown to be effective and it has been used in the past to protect women who had become victims of stalkers.


It is highly necessary to take stalking crimes seriously and working towards a means to protect the privacy when harassment starts. Continue reading How to escape a stalker with a new identity

Abusive Relationship

I got married when I was only 18 years old. I was really in love with that guy. He used to have some construction site jobs in Brooklyn, he was not rich, but I did not care. I just wanted some guy with the heart on the right place.

My family did not like the guy from the first moment they met. They just thought it was not appropriate for me to get married to some working class guy.

Even my family did not speak with me anymore; the first year we were newly married was amazing, he was always so caring and made sure I was happy. We felt like we had a bright future ahead of us, even without my family supporting our marriage. Continue reading Abusive Relationship

Abused By Husband, How To Escape?

There are certain situations where a person is forced create a new identity for themselves. A few of these scenarios could possibly include that individual’s life being in real danger from a harassing partner, wife, or possibly a boyfriend or girlfriend.

You may have provided important information to law enforcement with regards to somebody or maybe you testified against these people. Understandably, they may desire to harm or kill you. Let’s be honest, the authorities usually are not able to defend you in most of these scenarios.


It’s possible that an ex-spouse is preparing to kidnap your children. Changing your identity for a new one and building a new existence by yourself may be a time-consuming and expensive undertaking. The most common method for getting your name changed under legal standing is using the court system. Nonetheless, it is likely to leave a trail which might actually direct the individual you happen to be running from right to your own front door! Not a good route to safeguard your new identity and keep yourself, your current spouse, or kids safe and sound, right? Continue reading Abused By Husband, How To Escape?