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Identity Change Solution?

No matter how much we want to live in peace, we sometimes face problems which are just too big to overcome. These difficulties can make your life a living hell. In many cases, conventional approaches don’t work anymore to get your life back on track.

I’m quite surprised by the increasing number of people who want to change their identity. If you just Google the phrase “change my identity” you will be bombarded by thousands of different results. When I tried to check them, it seems that most people have various sensible reasons as to why they want to start afresh. There’s this guy who had some dealings with the police during his teenage years, and now he’s having difficulties in landing a job.

However, I also came across people who just want to enjoy their life as a normal person, e.g. escaping from an abuser or stalker. Getting away from financial responsibilities is also one of the main factors for this great desire to change identity. There are much more substantial reasons other than these. Someone might, perhaps, witness a crime, and a hit man is looking for them. Many people who change their identity also want to hide from the authorities. Whatever your reason might be, I’m pretty sure that there is a definite and legal way to resolve your challenges.

Before we delve more into the legal methods of changing your identity, it must be stressed that if you get yourself into illegal things, you are just putting yourself in danger.

You have probably read various books on how to change your identity, and one of the ways that they may have proudly explained in their book is creating a fake ID or altering documents like your birth certificate to obtain a new driver’s license. They might also have suggested that you think of different numbers for your social security number. Neither of these will work. Perhaps it could have worked in the 19th century, but let’s face it, with everything being so advanced these days, I’m sure it would be virtually impossible to get away with this kind of trick. So, attempting to forge your documents to obtain a driver’s license will get you arrested given the modern DMV’s we have.

A driver’s license isn’t the hardest document to obtain; I would say it’s the Social Security Number. Again, most books will just tell you to invent numbers, fake your documents and even worse, to cut out a picture and paste it onto your ID. These books, sorry for sounding harsh, are nonsense.

I don’t think that the person who wrote it was in his right mind, or maybe he was just after money and didn’t care if his advice was making any sense. Do you honestly think that that would work? When I bought a book on how to change one’s identity for 35 dollars, I was pretty surprised on the suggestions the author was giving his reader. I thought to myself “man, would that work?” I mean, it wasn’t believable at all. So when I was all done reading over the whole 170 pages of crap, what I just uttered was “it’s completely rubbish”. Admittedly, though, it did give me some advice which, for my money, were practical.

The ‘Change ID Bible‘ book will show you only the most ideal, practical and easy ways to live completely under the radar and change your identity. It also includes the soundest advice from different identity change books available.

The methods presented in this book won’t put you behind bars, and you will be given the chance to enjoy your freedom just like any other person.

change-id-bible-2013-smNot only that, but if you have a child, you can even enroll him in any school you want, it’s totally possible.

I am glad I came across this guide written by Peter Bergmann.

Thanks to this information, I was able to secure employment, rent a house and buy a car without having to reveal my real information to anyone.

Again, it takes time, but TO LIVE LEGALLY AND ANONYMOUSLY as long as you want IS what we are aiming for anyway?

If you want to learn more on how to get a new identity and start over just visit ‘’.

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Ariza Research Scam

I read many books dealing with Identity change. Recently I came across this change identity guide published by Ariza Research. It was shocking to read this 190-page report. Most methods described in this book just don’t work in the 21st century anymore. e.g. Ghosting


Ariza Research claims that all methods described in this book are 100% legal. However, how can it be legal to commit identity theft from a deceased person? It is not only very unethical, it’s a serious crime.

The methods discussed in the guide are not only out of date, there is also the high chance if you try to apply those techniques, that you will spend a couple of years behind bars in a prison near you.

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