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New Personal Identity

Many kids sometimes wish that they were someone else – a fairy tale character, a comic hero or a favorite adult – all in the spirit of “pretend.” When these same kids grow up and become adults, some of them still wish they were someone else for one reason or another.

The reasons for the desire for a new identity may range from wanting to run away from debtors, to escape from an abusive relationship, or to slip away from the arms of the law or from the capos of organized crime. The quest for a new identity may also stem from a desire to start things anew, in a new place, a new job, under a new set of circumstances like being reborn as an adult, like getting out of your own skin and putting on an entirely new identity, just like donning a new outfit.

If you are one of these people, you should be aware that the government does not allow its citizens to just effect an identity change unless you are placed under the Witness Protection Program. However, you may be allowed to voluntarily apply for a new identity by simply changing your name and moving to a new neighborhood. In this case, however, your new name will still be linked to your old one Continue reading New Personal Identity